The Decision


January 27, 2017:

Three years ago I stumbled upon this little trail called the Pacific Crest Trail, otherwise known as the PCT. I don’t know why, but for some reason it intrigued me. Maybe it was the fact that it ran through my hometown. Maybe it was the fact that it spanned the entire west coast of our country. Maybe it was the idea of spending five months outside in the beautiful wilderness. Whatever it was, it drew me in and I knew that someday I was going to hike it.

I returned from a ten month span in Thailand last February and was convinced that my next adventure would be to hike the PCT the following year. Of course life happens and before I knew it I was caught up in a good job, a great relationship, and a fun life back at home. I still dreamed of hiking the trail but didn’t feel the timing was perfect. But for some reason once the new year hit, it started to consume my thoughts. I started spending all my free time reading PCT blogs and mapping out what gear I would need and how I would manage my finances in my head.

I have learned over the years to always trust my gut. My mind and heart know what I want and need and when I feel passionately about something I have to pursue it. I knew if I did not hike this darn trail now, I might never get the chance and I would desperately regret it. So I made the decision. I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this year. In less than three months to be more exact. Crazy? Probably. Life-changing? Most likely. A chance to follow my dream? Definitely.


One thought on “The Decision

  1. The part running through the Angelus national Forrest ran through the middle of my fire camp. My fire crews did trail maintenance every year…in the winter we would take in hikers to give them a warm night and hot meal. The camp LACOFD Camp 16 was destroyed by the Station fire where we lost two of our finest.


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