Day 1: The Beginning

April 15, 2017: Hiked Miles 1 to 17.4 (17.4 total)

Day 1 is done. Yay! This morning my dad drove us to the Southern terminus aka Mehiiico. Or as close at you can get without actually crossing the border. I might have stuck my finger through a hole in the fence.

We said goodbye to my dad and started hiking around 8:30 through the Southern California desert. After being dusted out by the border control that is. 

The first couple miles of the hike skirted the town of Campo and then we were out in the desert alone. We started passing different groups of hikers, a few creeks, and various roads.

 Most people leap frog each other throughout the day since we’re all taking breaks at different times. We took a couple short breaks and then stopped around 1:00 for our gourmet lunch. 

We spent most of the day going up one mountain only to go back down and up another. When I asked Colton if this is what he expected, he said “I guess, except for all the green bushes and hills.”

It is definitely a much wetter year than normal which will help us out with water resupply. We got to Hauser Creek around 4:00 and let our feet rest. Most people stopped and camped here for the night, but it seemed a little crowded and we still felt pretty good so we pushed on. We made our way up the next big hill and called it a day around 6:30 when we found a nice place to make camp and decided our feet could use a real break.

We cooked a delishish meal of a rice side, a cheese stick, and a slim jim. Nom nom nom. The evening flew by setting up camp, and getting ready for bed. Now we are laying in our tent, trying to convince ourselves that every noise we hear is just a cute bunny rabbit and not Bigfoot. 

Overall, day one was great. We pushed ourselves decently hard, but felt good. We each have a couple blisters and are a little more tan (sunburnt) than when we left snowy Northern California. Our shoulders ache and we’re covered in dirt. But we’re happy and feel accomplished. 17.4 miles done today with the promise of a lake in the morning. 


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