Day 2: Everything Hurts

April 16, 2017: Hiked Miles 17.4 to 32.0 (14.6 total)

Today hurt. Both of us have a handful of blisters on our feet that we have been popping throughout the day. We had both hiked in our shoes a lot before this, but I think our feet are just going to have to get used to hiking long distances with heavy packs. We’ve already decided our packs are waaaay too heavy due to the fact that we brought waaaay too much food. I thought we would be starving all the time but it seems to be the only thing we crave is water. We are probably carrying packs between 40-50 pounds, so we’re starting to rethink our next resupply strategy. And maybe ditch some stuff. Like our whole packs. Kidding. Maybe. 

We went to bed around 9:00 last night and slept til 6:30. I honestly don’t think I’ve gone to bed that early in my entire life. We woke up to tons of animal sounds throughout the night including a howling bunch of coyotes. When we awoke to a fellow hiker passing our tent since we were camped right next to the trail, we decided to get up. We made it to the little town of Lake Morena fairly early, resupplied our water and kept going. By lunch our feet were dying and we took a long lunch break to rest them and pop blisters. I don’t understand how such a little blister can puss so much. Like where does my body store all that crap normally? Anyways,  we finally made ourselves get up and move on. 

We pushed through a few mountains and decided to finish our day at Fred Canyon stream. My PCT app says this area should hold five tents. I think we have about 20 here right now.

It has been nice to have dinner with other hikers and start to get to know some of them. We had a very stimulating conversation about how much our feet hurt, who was the dirtiest, who had the best camp food (we totally won), who has the best gear (we totally lost), and how great a beer sounds. So far about half the people we have met are from Europe, which is definitely a surprise. I love hearing all the different accents. We even met a couple dudes from England after lunch who were riding from Florida to San Diego. I might have been a little jealous that they were on their second to last day and we were only on our second.

Other than our ridiculously nasty feet and sore hips and shoulders, we are doing good. Our legs are holding up well and we’re not really getting too hot or tired. Colton did get stung by a bee yesterday and almost stepped on a rattle snake today, proving that bears are not the most dangerous thing on the PCT.


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