Day 4: Wind and Sunburns

April 18, 2017: Hiked Miles 47.8 to 68.4 (20.6 total)

Last night was a night of tossing and turning due to the wind. I have never had wind keep me up like this. It was intense. Colton thought our tent was going to blow away with us in it. But we survived.

Decided to skip out normal oatmeal for breakfast and save some time just eating cliff bars. We were on the trail before 7:30, our earliest start yet.

Most of the day was spent hiking along ridgetops, so it was insanely windy. But it gave us some incredible views.

I can’t believe how much our topography changes every day and we have only hiked 68 miles. It is always amazing to look back and see how far we have come. We are starting to pass people who started a day or two before us and have had a chance to meet many new people. I think at least half of the hikers are Europeans, which was quite a shock to me. A lot of them are asking for help interpreting their maps and guides. You have to have some real guts or be a little crazy to come to a brand new country and hike this insane trail.

Most people ended up at the only place out of the wind for lunch. It had a nice stream that we could soak our feet in.

Colton and I had our first ‘trail fight’ today. My knees were starting to bother me after all the downhills and at one point he asked if I wanted him to carry my pack. I was upset, because I’m stubborn like that and am definitely not letting anyone carry my pack. So I declined and he told me to not cry about it tomorrow when a helicopter has to fly me off the mountain. To which I so carringly asked him to start being a supportive boyfriend and stop being an asshole (I don’t remember the name calling, but according to him it happened). Well, out on the trail there’s nowhere to run and hide and cry or be mad at someone. So a few minutes later we apologized and kept hiking. So if you’re having marital issues, come hike the PCT! It puts everything in perspective. 

We decided to push hard today and do a 20 miler so that we can have a nice little nine-miler tomorrow before we hitch hike into Julian where we can resupply, do laundry, shower for the first time in five days, eat some real food and maybe grab a beer.


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