Day 6: The Hot Desert

April 20, 2017: Hiked Miles 77.3 to 91.2 (13.9 total)

Spent last night at the hotel. Colton slept great. I tossed and turned all night. Beds are now foreign to me. Can’t win. Had a great free breakfast at the hotel and met a dude who was spending his long weekend off from work cycling 150 miles per day. He might be crazier than us. 

We hitchhiked out of town with two other hikers. One was a a boarding school teacher from Belgium and the other, a corrections officer from B.C., Canada. She said her home was 53 miles from the Northern Terminus. I asked her if she was walking home from the border. She just laughed at me.

Our ride was from Larry, an outspoken, freedom-loving, gun-enthusiast who gave us his opinion on the world. After we got in, he greeted us with, “Glad to see the Hillary for Prison 2016 bumper sticker didn’t scare ya off. ” 

He dropped us off around 10:00 where we left off the day before, after he gave us a speech on how you should carry a stun gun with you in the desert to shock yourself if you get bit by a rattle snake. He said he’d never tried it, but it should probably work. Maybe on my next adventure. 

Our whole day consisted of switchbacks along a hot, southern-aspect mountain range with little shade. 

My knees had been hurting the last couple days so I tried using KT tape on them today. It worked pretty well at immobilizing my knees, but then forced me to walk pretty stiff-legged, so I felt like I was going to hyperextend my knees the whole time. Can’t wait for the day when nothing hurts. 

We had multiple flyovers from military copters all day which always got Colton excited. We ended the day at a sweet water cache. Three liters of bottled water for each person. Heaven. We chatted, laughed, and tried to foreshadow the Sierras with a big group there and then found a place to camp and call it a night. 

Also, Colton might have got his trail name today, but apparently like four or five people have to agree on it before it’s official. I’ll let you know what it is if it happens. 


One thought on “Day 6: The Hot Desert

  1. Love reading about your first week on the trail. You 2 are doing great & I look forward to following your entire journey! I am hiking vicariously through you!

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