Day 7: Warner Springs

April 21, 2017: Hiked Miles 91.2 to 109.5 (18.3 total)

We started around 8:00 today, since we decided to cook oatmeal for breakfast, which takes forever. We’re trying to use up what we brought, instead of toss it, but man is it annoying to have to spend time cooking in the morning when all you want to do it get up and get going. There are ‘hiker boxes’ at different towns along the way where hikers can drop off supplies they don’t want or pick up stuff other hikers have left. I have seen more oatmeal than anything else in the boxes. Don’t bring oatmeal on the PCT!

We spent the first part of the day skirting mountain ridges.

We had such a good pace going this morning that we almost passed the 100 Mile marker without even seeing it.

And then all of the sudden we were emptied back out into the desert. We walked through the prettiest fields with tall purple, yellow, and green grass that looked like ocean waves rippling as the wind swept through it.

We pushed though 14 miles before lunch so that we could stop at a spring to soak our feet in. Our feet were so hot, we couldn’t even feel the icy cold water.

The last 4.5 miles of the day to Warner Springs were harder than the first 14. It was hot and we hurt after pushing so hard in the beginning of the day. But we did get to pass by the infamous Eagle Rock. 

We finally made it to Warner Springs around 4:00. The town opens up it’s community center to hikers and has bathrooms, bucket showers, charging stations, a resupply store, and some fresh cookies and watermelon. 

Colton got a Coke and I grabbed a Gatorade and we relaxed after a long day. We set up our tent with about 100 other hikers in tent city.

We heard there was a spaghetti feed across the street at the school, but of course when we showed up they had just run out. Back to potatoes and rice for dinner. It’s nice to be out of the mountains for the night and not have to bundle up right when the sun goes down. We’ll see how we sleep tonight in our jam packed little tent village. 


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