Day 8: Hills and Pizza

April 22, 1017: Hiked Miles 109.5 to 129.2 (19.7 total)

Today was probably the hardest day so far on the trail. We started off in the valley. 

Then spent 12 miles of nonstop climbing uphill. And it was hot. Real hot. Little shade. Anyways it was rough. So rough I forgot to take pictures. Until the end of the day.

But we pushed hard because we knew that Mike’s place was at Mile 18. It couldn’t have come any sooner.

Mike bought some land out here back in 2003 after a fire ran through the area and dropped land prices. He built a man cave to come escape to on the weekends and started helping out hikers. Now his house is a full on pizza party. They were out of beer when we showed up, but we got lots of free water, some tunes, entertainment, and some amazing brick oven, homemade pizza and baked brown sugar carrots. I couldn’t take a picture of the pizza because it was gone about 5 seconds after it was cut.

We felt pretty good after the pizza and decided to push on for a little bit of night hiking since it was cool and we had yet to try it. 

It felt great to hike out of the sun and watch the stars come out. We found a little spot on a ridge with a few other tents and set up camp fast. We kept the rainfly off tonight and we have a beautiful view of a crystal clear sky filled with stars, a view off to our left in the valley of some town lit up and a few tents glowing along the horizon. No better way to end the day.


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