Day 14: The Never-ending Day

April 28, 2017: Hiked Miles 183.3 to 205.7 (22.4 total)

Woke up to a cool, beautiful mountain morning. There’s nothing better than waking up in the mountains. We got out of camp fairly quickly today, but not before Colton took full advantage of our forest toilet. 

Our morning was gorgeous. We had views of the valley, passed tons of mountain creeks, and had the scent of the forest floor with us the whole time. 

But our trail quickly became covered in snow and the going got slow. 

We took our time since the snow was slushy and we were walking sidehill on a ridge the whole time. After four hours we stopped for a snack break and were quite disappointed to find out we had only gone 7.4 miles. Colton got creative and added an arrow to this pinecone sign. 

And yes, he put the arrow pointing the right direction. 

The rest of the day we slowly made our way out of the forest and back down to the valley floor.  

We saw a cool lizard we hadn’t seen yet. Almost stepped on him.  You can see why. 

At lunch we had a great view of the mountain where we started this morning. 

There were no good lunch spots as we were stuck on constant switchbacks down the mountain, so we were forced to sit right on the trail. I guess it wasn’t too bad. Colton makes a good backrest. 

 Also we passed another milestone!

The other side of the sign showed how many miles it is to Canada. I won’t scare you off with that picture.

My knees have been killing me on downhills lately and today was no exception. It took forever getting back to the valley.  But we did have a great view of the wind farm we get to pass through tomorrow. 

All in all, we went from over 9000 feet down to 1300 today. It was a rough day. I never want to walk down another hill. We started hiking a little before 8:00 this morning and didn’t get into camp until 8:00 tonight, in the dark. It was a late dinner with lots of spiders, but luckily it’s warm down here on the valley floor. We told ourselves we could sleep in tomorrow and then laughed since we know we’ll be up around 6:00 like always.


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