Day 15: Trail Magic

April 29, 2017: Hiked Miles 205.7 to 229.0 (23.3 total)

After our late night getting into camp last night we decided to sleep in today.  Made it to 6:45. Better than usual.  The insane mountain we hiked down yesterday helped block the sunrise and give us a little extra time.  

The morning hiking was mostly flat through the dessert.   A lot of the trail was sandy which made it feel like we were walking on the beach. Except it was hot. And there was no ocean to run into. And walking on sand is not fun. Especially with an extra 30 or so pounds on. But I was still happy because it wasn’t downhill. Anything but downhill! 

After yesterday, I was so pissed at my knees for hurting so bad and so mad at my new knee braces for not making me feel like superwoman, so I decided to try taping my knees a new way and then putting my knee braces on top. I watched a YouTube video the other day for a taping technique that seemed relative to my condition, so of course I’m now a pro taper.  Basically a physical therapist.

The taping seemed to help along with the lack of downhills and we made some good mileage in the morning.  We found trail magic when we passed underneath Interstate 10.  Trail magic is when people leave water, food, etc. out for hikers along the trail. It’s usually unexpected and always amazing.  We split a banana, Colton had a coke, and I considered throwing a beer in my pack for tonight and finally decided a warm Coors Light wasn’t worth hauling around all day. One of our friends was there and she was hitching into Cabazon to go to In-N-Out. She had never had it before so we told her all about the secret menu. 

We kept trucking along after that and eventually made it out to a windfarm and this amazing sign:

We found a little shaded hut and water bottles and visited with a guy who hiked the trail last year and was back this year to do the sections that were closed due to fire last year. 

After our break we hooved it to our lunch spot.  It was lots of hard uphills and lots of gradual downhills. I’ll take it.

 And of course when I took a break to pee, Colton stole my phone and tool selfies and pictures of my butt. Don’t worry I deleted the dirty white-butt pictures for you guys.

We finally made it to this random creek in the middle of the desert for lunch. We were so excited to see a bunch of friends we hadn’t seen in a while.


We soaked our feet in the cold water and washed our legs and faces off. After walking 15 miles in the hot desert, there is no better feeling that plunging your burning feet into freezing cold water. We enjoyed a long lunch and finally got back on the trail around 4:00.

The rest of the afternoon was spent climbing and looking back on where we had come from. 

 We made it to our destination of Mission Creek around 6:15 and then decided to push on a few more miles up the creek before dark since we know we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow with lots of climbing. We also saw another rattlesnake about a foot of the trail. Didn’t even see it until it hissed at us rather rudely. Acts like he lives here or something. He was a big one and much greener than the other ones we’ve seen. That was our fourth one we’ve seen so far: three big ones and one baby one. Someday I’ll be ballsy enough to snap a picture of one. 

We pushed on another few miles and found a place to sleep right before dusk. We ran down to the creek to fill up and filter some water before it got dark, came back and set up our tent and cooked a gourmet meal: garlic mashed potatoes with half a cheesestick mixed in and teriyaki fried rice noodles with the other half of the cheesestick and some peanuts mixed it. Don’t be jealous. 

Colton has finally been plagued with the infamous monkey butt. You know, when you’re butt sweats so much and you can’t dry it out that it gets a rash. He said back in firecamp he learned a way to alleviate the pain by wiping your butt cheeks really hard with butt wipes. Apparently it hurts really bad for a few seconds and then feels better. Well we don’t have butt wipes so he decided to improvise with TP and hand sanitizer. There was a lot of screaming involved, but apparently it worked since he’s sleeping soundly now. Hopefully he doesn’t read my blog, he would kill me if he knew I wrote about this. 


6 thoughts on “Day 15: Trail Magic

  1. I second what Don said plus the baby ones are worse than the big ones because they can’t control their venom or bite. I am sending you a sharpie too ๐Ÿ™‚

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