Day 17: Big Bear

May 1, 2017: Hiked Miles 253.1 to 266.1 (13.0 total)

Today was the first day I woke up really tired, weak and starving. I hope I’m not getting sick, but I just could not get warm today. We only had 13 miles to hike to get to Big Bear, but for some reason my body did not want to do it. We pushed ourselves hard the past few days going sunup to sundown, so hopefully it’s just my body telling me it needs a rest. 

The day was not too eventful. We started up high up in the cold mountains and slowly wound our way down to Big Bear Valley. 

The scenery was beautiful and so diverse. We passed gorgeous flowers, cactus, pine trees, high desert, and snowy mountains. 

We passed by some gorgeous homes and even got some views of the local ski park.

And passed the best thing of all… trail magic:

Free bottled water is always good.

Colton’s dad and aunt grew up in Big Bear so his aunt gave us a contact number of an old family friend who had offered to help us out. She didn’t tell us at the time, but the old family friend was her high school boyfriend and his wife. 

Russ picked us up at Highway 18, where it crosses the PCT and brought us into town. We picked up our resupply box at the post office and grabbed a few more necessities at the store, aka candy and chips. Ok, it wasn’t all junk food… we chugged a Gatorade too and savored some juicy watermelon. Nothing has ever tasted more refreshing. 

Russ gave us a tour of the town and the lake and filled us in on all it’s history.  The town is gorgeous, with the ski runs ending right in town. 

He took us back to his house to shower and do laundry and have full access to his motorhome for the night. Trail life seems so normal now, that I forget all the stuff I used to do until I get into town. Like shower. And use a mirror. And a comb. And no, combing your hair after five days of not touching it is not easy. 

Jennie, his wife came home, and they took us to run a couple more errands around town. We needed to resupply on stove fuel and we forgot to buy peanut butter at the store earlier. And we definitely can’t live without that. It’s the only thing that can stop our stomachs from growling out on the trail. Then they took us out for pizza and a tour of the rest of the town, including the house where Colton’s dad and aunt grew up. 

We had such a great night with them, learning about their lives, this town, their childhood memories with Colton’s family, and talking about the trail. It was so sweet of them to take us in without even knowing us. I hope to be able to do the same for someone someday. 

Now we’re laying in a bed! It feels amazing. I haven’t slept good in five days so I am more than ready to pass out for a long night. We might never leave. 


7 thoughts on “Day 17: Big Bear

  1. Told you they were good people 🤗 I couldn’t divulge all my secrets. Haha.

    So cool of them to take you guys in and let you shower. And laundry.

    Love reading your adventures xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You know you can take a few days off, if you are not feeling well. There isn’t any policing body on the trail to tell you that you can’t!


  3. We totally enjoyed getting to know you guys and showing you around! We will mail your water bottle-just let us know the best place to send it! 🙂 We will be praying for your journey!


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