Day 18: A Bed and Coffee Does a Body Good

May 2, 2017: Hiked Miles 266.1 to 286.7 (20.6 total)

We woke up today so well rested. Here’s our home for the night. 

A night in an actual bed was just what we needed. I woke up and started thinking about my dreams and realized that this was the first time in probably five days that I have remembered dreaming. I’m guessing that I have been waking up so much that I have not been getting into a deep enough sleep. It’s really upsetting because our bodies are finally getting stronger and not hurting as much, but we’re still having so much trouble sleeping. And this is after we bought new sleeping pads. I’m not sure what we’re going to do. We might have to break down and buy some really good inflatable pads. Not too excited about that, but if we can solve our sleeping problem now, the next few months will be that much more enjoyable. 

We had breakfast with Jennie and Russ before they went to work. Life cereal, cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter, and apple and banana slices. I forgot how good simple food can taste. And how nice it was to feel satisfied after a meal. Oh, and of course I had coffee. Best part of all.

Russ crammed us into the cab of his water truck and drove us back to the trailhead.  It was sad to say goodbye to our new friends. I hope we get to see them again someday. Russ was even nice enough to give another hiker who had just hit the highway a ride back into town.  

We started off around 9:45 and crammed in a lot of good miles.

The terrain wasn’t too steep, we had easy downhills and I felt pretty good. Colton has had a problem with his left shoulder bothering him from early on. He gets a constant pain just inside of his scapula when he carries weight. He thinks it could be from an old injury, but we’re not really sure. I have been trying to massage it really hard every day and he stretches a lot but we can’t seem to figure it out. He also rolled his ankle a bit the other day and his ankle is fine, but the top of his foot seems to bother him from it. His calves were also sore, so he had a little bit harder of a day than me.  My knees felt good and the only thing bothering me is the arches of my feet which I can usually ignore. But all of our pains are a huge improvement over what we were experiencing the first week. I think everything is slowly getting stronger. Things just take time. 

I don’t know if it was the food, the coffee, or the good night of rest, but I had so much energy today. We had a great day overall, talking and laughing all day which made the day speed by and cracked out a good amount of miles for getting a late start.

We decided to fill up with water at a creek about halfway through the day.  I had a feeling we were going to find some trail magic soon so I decided to hold off on filtering it. And sure enough around the next corner we found jugs of water.  Yay, no slow filtering! We dumped our nasty creek water and filled up our camelbaks with good water. The fitting that attaches my hose to my camelbak bladder has been coming loose lately and after I put the bladder back in my backpack I noticed the ground was a little wet. It was leaking pretty good this time and it took us a little while to get a good seal. It might be time for a new bladder. I guess I did buy this one for like ten bucks on Amazon a few years ago, so I can’t be too upset. 

We pushed on a couple more miles until lunch and found a nice shady spot to rest. We started eating and all of the sudden Colton jumped up, turned around and had a soaking wet back. Turns out his camelbak mouthpiece leaks and he had been laying on it. Go figure! He wasn’t upset about his shirt, but it had leaked through his backpack which is supposed to be waterproof. He was not too happy about that. We’re gonna have to call the company when we get a chance and figure out how less than a cup of water can soak through a supposedly waterproof bag. 

Luckily his stuff dried out pretty fast and we got on our way. The rest of the day flew by. We had great views of Big Bear Lake for a bit, passed a gravel plant, saw more of an old fire, and lots of lizards. 


We even found a homemade, solar powered, self-composting outhouse. I don’t know how it worked, but it was pretty rad to see in the middle of nowhere. And any where you don’t have to squat is definitely worth taking advantage of.


We filled up with water at the next stream, went on another mile to our campsite, set up, filtered water, cooked rice and potatoes, and got in our tent quick since once again it’s freezing up in the mountains! Once the sun goes down, the temp drops fast up here. And I’m from Redding. I obviously don’t do cold. 
So we stretched in our tent, realized that we forgot to brush our teeth, so we snacked on peanut butter, Reeses Pieces, Gobbstoppers, and fruit snacks instead. I was trying to decide which fruit snack flavor was the best by eating them individuality. I think raspberry is the best. Colton grabbed a handful and shoved them all in his mouth and stated that they all taste the same. Who knows. 


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