Day 22: A Zero in SoCal

May 6, 2017: Hiked zero miles, walked way too much for a day off.

I don’t know if I slept so well on a real mattress last night or if I’m just not used to sleeping in a normal bed now, but I woke up at 5:00 this morning and was wide awake.

I layed in bed for as long as possible updating my blog and looking at the next leg of our journey. I finally got up, made some coffee and started planning out a shopping list for the day. Food planning, shopping, and shipping is honestly probably the most stressful part of this hike. Especially when you’re planning for two people for multiple stretches. But a fresh cup of coffee and some fresh air outside made it a lot better.

Soon Colton, Linda, and Don all woke up and made their way outside. We had a relaxing morning chatting on the patio under an overcast sky. Colton and I soaked our feet in the hot tub. I think all the stress in them is finally starting to dissipate. Although I’m sure it will come back once he hop back on the trail.

Linda made us an amazing breakfast. I have been craving cinnamon rolls for a few days now and these hit the spot.

After breakfast Linda and Don drove us around for all of our errands. A task I’m sure they regretted halfway through. We started at REI. Colton got a new spork, after breaking his, a faster water filter, and a new on/off valve for his leaky camelbak mouthpiece. And I got a brand new platypus bladder since mine was leaking so much and yesterday I broke the switch off that opens and closes the valve. So it was basically worthless. I thought the saying was break a leg, not break all your gear. We also happened to meet another guy at REI who was also hiking the PCT. You can always tell PCT hikers from normal people because they usually look very mismatched. When you wear almost all your clothes on the trail, there’s not much to wear when you get into town and need to do laundry. If you see someone in shorts, sandals, and a puffy jacket, they’re probably a PCT hiker.

We ran over to DICK’s so Colton could get some new shorts. The ones he has are too long and heavy, so we found some clearance Nike dri-fit shorts that should work much better.

Next was the Dollar Tree, mostly to stock up on a little candy, but we surprisingly found some of our normal staples there: Top Ramen, Knorr rice side, a small peanut butter, fruit snacks, and chips.

Shot over to Wal-Mart next to get the rest of the groceries. But then had to make one more trip to Vons since Wal-Mart didn’t have cheesesticks or powdered milk… of all things.

We were dying of hunger by this point of course so we grabbed some Panda Express to go. Colton has been craving this for weeks. He claims it’s the best Chinese food. Poor guy. We drove home in the rain, threw our bags inside and chowed down. 

Then we got to the fun part. Organizing our food into what stays with us and what gets shipped ahead. Ok I lied, this part is not fun. Colton and I always fight during the entire food process. I sit down and spend a looong time figuring out exactly what we need for every day, and what to ship ahead. And then we go shop and he tries to help, and I get rushed and upset and can’t concentrate and count. Ugh, I hate shopping. And then we come home and it looks like a weird night of trick-or-treating

We finally got it all sorted out and everything seemed to be accounted for besides having a few extra beef sticks. Not the worst problem to have.

We looked at the weather for the next couple days. Not looking too good. There’s a winter storm advisory in effect tomorrow for snow and high winds exactly where were heading. We go up to about 8400 feet within the next 20 miles and will be right in the thick of it tomorrow. We decided we are going to check the weather again in the morning and then decide whether to head out or wait one more day. It’s one thing to hike in frozen snow. It’s another to hike in a blizzard. We’ll just have to wait and see.

We turned on some basketball to relax and give our minds a break from planning and thinking for a bit.

Linda made an amazing dinner. I forgot how good real food can be. 

We spent the rest of the evening watching NASCAR and enjoying each other’s company. Now its off to bed and hope the weather magically clears up overnight.


One thought on “Day 22: A Zero in SoCal

  1. Nice blog. Just found yours today. Work is slow so I got to read your whole trip to date this morning.
    I find that only blogs by ladies are any good. The guys blogs usually suck.
    Envious of you while I work in a windowless building. Hope to triple crown some day if I can retire early while my required parts still work.
    Baraka Bashad! (May the blessings be)

    Liked by 1 person

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