Day 23: One More Zero

May 7, 2017: Hiked zero miles. Walked next to nothing. Great rest day. 

Slept in until 7:00 today. It was glorious. I checked the weather again right away and the forecast hadn’t changed from the night before, bad snow and crazy winds where we would be hiking. We decided we would take one more day off.  No reason to take a risk hiking in bad conditions on top of high, windy ridges in a freezing snow storm. Although we’re anxious to get back to hiking, we decided to play it smart. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our rest day. Since we got all our chores done yesterday, we took the entire day to relax, eat, and move as little as possible. We snacked on cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast. We eat zero fruit and veggies on the trail so a banana and apple tasted like the best candy ever. And the two or three cups of coffee helped to brighten my spirits about having to take another day off from hiking.

We watched the news, which has suddenly become a novelty, and I tried some new massage techniques on Colton’s back and shoulder thanks to some advice from my friend Aubin. Hopefully between the massage and all this rest time, things will start to turn around for his shoulder pain.

We spent the afternoon watching NBA playoffs, hockey, and NASCAR. Couldn’t have been a more relaxing Sunday. Linda made some amazing blueberry waffles which we scarfed down. It’s gonna be hard to go back to trail food after being spoiled with all her amazing cooking.

We eventually pulled ourselves off the couch to do something productive with our day. So of course we went to see a movie.

Colton and I love going to the movie theater so it was a very special treat after not going for over a month. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It was hilarious. Even Don and Linda enjoyed it, without having seen the first one. And buttered popcorn and a big screen are so much more special when you haven’t had them in forever. 

We were so happy that we couldn’t even complain that we were stuck in one of the front rows and had to crane our necks the whole time. It’s funny how we are slowly learning to appreciate little, normalish things now that they have become special and rare.

It was raining when we had gone into the theater, but when we walked out there was a bright, sunny sky with some cloulds sitting over the fresh snow in the mountains where we’ll be hiking tomorow.

After all our movie popcorn, Colton and I were starving of course so Don picked up some amazing fish tacos for him, Linda, and I, and a burrito for Colton and we chowed down and of course watched more basketball.

We prepped everything for tomorrow and ended up finding the first Guardians of the Galaxy on tv to finish off the night. Tomorrow we head back out to the trail for a six day stretch, our longest yet. I am so excited to get back out, but will definitely miss our time here eith Don and Linda. They have been a joy to hang out with and have been so sweet to be such gracious hosts to us. But I suppose stuffing our faces and watching basketball wont get us to Canada.


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