Day 24: Hiking is Home

May 8, 2017: Hiked Miles 341.9 to 361.8 (19.9 total)

Woke up bright and early this morning, packed up and hit the road. Of course we hit the road at 7:30 on a Monday morning so we actually just hit traffic. I forgot traffic was a thing. Out on the trail, we just move out of the way when someone is ready to pass us. Doesn’t quite work that way on the freeway. We picked up some donuts for breakfast though which makes everything better. 

And we got a good view of the mountains we were going to be hiking that got snowed on yesterday. 

Don dropped us off back in Cajon Pass and we said goodbye. 

We started out going under the freeway and through a couple tunnels. We got lots of good echoing practice in. I felt like we were in an apocalypse movie. 

It felt great to be back on the trail. We loved our time off and are so grateful for getting to spend time with family, but hiking just feels right now. We quickly got back in our groove and busted out some fast uphill climbing. The fresh, cool air and the rustle of the grass was so comforting. 

We spent most of the morning jumping from one ridge to another with some awesone views of where we had come from and some of where we were going. 

And we saw some really neat cloud formations. 

Definitely alien signals. 

We stopped for a break a little ways in on the jetty of a ridge and had the most relaxing time just sitting there, enjoying each other’s company and being thankful to have such a beautiful experience. These moments are the reason we are out here.

We finally pulled ourselves off the warm ground and pushed on. We walked through a lot of an old burn where an AmeriCorps troup was restoring the trail. 

The trail got steep and pretty sketchy in some sections where a slip off the trail could land you in the hospital or worse.   We were glad we made the decision to not hike yesterday. It would have been a very slow, wet, scary day.

We stopped for lunch with another group on top of a ridge and laughed as they discussed their new idea for a PCT nap app to discuss the best napping areas of the trail since they claimed all they do is walk to get to another napping spot. It was a relaxing lunch. 

As we were packing up from lunch I noticed my backpack was a little wet and turns out my brand new platypus bladder was leaking. Grrrrr. Not very much luckily, but still annoying since it’s brand new! The top has this slider that is supposed to be a secure fastener, but when the water got pushed to the top from being squished in my pack, it leaked out one of the corners. I love having a camelbak to have water easily accessible, but this is getting ridiculous. We tightened it a little and tried to place it so it won’t have a lot of pressure to push the water up and moved on. Of course it had to be on a day when we have zero water sources until tomorrow too.

Luckily the day was cool which made things easy and the hiking very enjoyable. We kept going up higher in elevation, the landscape changed, and the air got even colder. 


We made it to camp just in time, as my back was starting to hurt and quickly set up our tent and climbed in to warm up. We climbed 5000 feet today and are at 8100 feet in elevation and its freezing! We forced ourselves out of our tent to make dinner before it got dark, happy that we had got into camp early enough to do so. Then we climbed right back inside and couldn’t believe we were in our sleeping bags before it got dark. Our sleeping bags are able to zip together so we decided to try it out tonight since it will most likely be our coldest night out here so far. Secretly, I think Colton just wanted a good excuse to cuddle. Wish us luck. 


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