Day 30: Casa de Luna

May 14, 2017: Hiked Miles 468.2 to 478.2 + 2 to Casa de Luna (12 total)

Today was a pretty easy day. We woke up early to a beautiful morning and hiked 10 miles into Green Valley. And had another beautiful view of the lake we passed yesterday. 

Although it didnt look as appealing now that we were bundled up with a strong wind. 

The hike wasn’t too hard and we had a nice cool wind to help us out. We passed a sign with a list of every year’s winner of the Leona Divide trail run. I have read Scott Jurek’s memoirs in which he talks about a lot of the people who were listed. It’s so cool that I am hiking a trail where these world-class ultramarathoners have raced. 

And Colton found a cool bench to sit on.

And a cool shovel stuck in the ground. 

We stopped for a quick break to snack and as I was eating a cliff bar, a bee stung me. Apparently bees like white chocolate macadamia cliff bars too. Not cool. If I have to pack this food around for miles, I’m not sharing with anybody!

We kept hiking and eventually made it down to the little community of Green Valley. We passed a trail register on the way that had a cute sticker on it.

Green Valley is a tiny little town with a lot of citizens concerned about how fast you drive.

I don’t think we were breaking any speed limits today. 

We hiked a couple miles until we found a little store and cafe. Colton got an oreo milkshake and I got a virgin Arnold Palmer, what I had been craving for days. 

We saw some other hikers and followed them back to Casa de Luna, a local trail angel who opens her house up to hikers every year. 

We set up our tent in her big backyard which was currently being taken over by a wiffleball game.

The entire property was decorated by rocks that had been painted by previous hikers.

We found a good place in the sun and ate lunch. I had picked up some Oreos for Colton at the store and he invented yet another kind of burrito.

We found a hammock to relax in and I realized how bad my tan lines are getting from my knee braces.

We spent the afternoon chatting with other hikers, getting serenaded, and playing with Charlie, a trail dog.

Hikers kept rolling in all afternoon. I think by the end of the night there was at least 60 people there. Dinner was a huge taco salad bar. It was amazing and the perfect meal to fill up a bunch of hungry hikers.


Now it’s time to curl up in my sleeping bag and get back on the trail tomorrow.  As nice as it was to have a couple short days with real food, a couple beers and some rest, I already miss the quietness and simplicity of the trail. 


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