Day 32: Hiker Town and the Aqueduct 

May 16, 2017: Hiked Miles 498.2 to 527.7 (29.5 total)

This day was so long I can’t even remember what happened this morning. Oh wait, I do. We were freezing our butts off in our tent. We went to bed so early last night, because it was too cold to do anything else, that I woke up at 5:15 this morning wide awake. But it was still freezing. So we waited til the sun rose to pack up and eat. 

It was a clear day, but it was so windy that the second you put anything down, it blew away.  It was quite a comical scene watching everyone try to eat breakfast and pack up as half their tent is flying away.  
We set off hiking with almost every piece of clothing we owned on. Our first stop of the day was the 500 Mile milestone! Complete with an empty mini tequila bottle. Someone enjoyed their milestone a little more than we did. 

And then a few minutes later we hit another one.

And then a few minutes later we hit another one!

I think the second one was correct. Close enough anyways. At least we got to celebrate three times.

The morning was cool, breezy, gorgeous, and relatively easy. We had some great views like always. 

Once again, we started the morning in the forest.

And slowly made our way back down to the desert. 

Colton about freaked out when this snake tried to sneak away from us. Luckily it was just a gopher snake.

And luckily it’s not hunting season. 

Coming into the valley, we had a view of some of the coolest clouds I’ve ever seen. 

We finally hit the valley floor and walked this dirt road until we hit Hiker Town. 

Hiker Town is this weird little complex of old buildings and trailers that have been made to look like some kind of dilapidated Western scene. The guy running the place let’s hikers stay there for $10 a night and has showers, laundry, and even accepts mail. 

It’s not exactly nice, but it’s cheap and weird enough to be kinda cool and kinda interesting. 

We picked up a care package from Jamie, a lovely trail angel whom I have never met, but sent us a package anyways after reading my blog. 

It was such a blessing and felt just like Christmas. She sent us both new warm socks, tons of essentials like tortillas, tuna, top ramen, potatoes, rice, slim jims, and peanut butter. And tons of goodies. Candy, crackers, chips, cookies, popcorn. And so much more. Everything a hiker could dream for. 

Hiker Town also offers free rides to a store and cafe down the highway. Which of course we had to go to. We had only ate lunch a few hours before that, but hikers never turn down a chance to stuff their faces with real food. We ate so fast I forgot to take a picture. But their bar area did have some funny signs. 

We got a ride back to Hiker Town, filled up with water, somehow managed to shove all our goodies into our bags, and hit the road again. It was 6:30, but we figured we would get a head start on the next section, the infamous LA aqueduct. 

It’s supposed to be one of the hottest parts of the trail since you literally walk a road along an aqueduct in the middle of the desert with no shade and little water for about 20 miles. We figured it might be a little more enjoyable at night. And with the incredible views tonight, it was one of the prettiest nights we’ve seen 

Colton almost picked up some new furniture, but I forced him on. 

The sun started going down and the sky looked like it was straight out of a movie. 

Eventually it got pretty dark and really windy and we kept hiking until I felt like my feet were on fire. Hiking through the mountains and desert all day is one thing. Walking on a road is not as easy anymore. We hunted around off the road until we found a flat spot that we thought might be a little protected from the wind.  

We set up quickly, got inside, I popped a huge heel blister that pussed forever and then we feasted on some of our snacks. Popcorn, jerky, nutter butter bites, and M&Ms. Dinner of champions. Now it’s after midnight, way past my bedtime, but I’m all jacked up on sugar and the wind is attempting to rip our tent down. Should be an interesting night. 


2 thoughts on “Day 32: Hiker Town and the Aqueduct 

  1. Good mileage for one day 😎 glad to see that some of the poppy field’s were still in bloom two months ago the hillsides were covered. You were very close to the National poppy preserve. .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Twenty nine and a half miles, wow. Christmas in May, that sure was nice of Jamie. It’s good to hear there are some super nice people out there. Seems you guys are doing great. Happy trails and stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

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