Day 34: Mojave to Tehachapi to Mojave 

May 18, 2017: Hiked Miles 549.7 to 566.4 (16.7 total)

The wind finally died down last night and we got some sleep. Of course that meant the weather warmed up and I woke up sweating through all my layers and had a little freak-out session trying to get them all off.

We slept in this morning. If you call 6:30 sleeping in. It was such a different scene hiking out this morning without the intense wind compared to the night before. We started winding our way down the mountain we slept on top of and instantly came upon more windmills.

Our day consisted of going up and down over every hill possible and passing windmills nonstop. 

They are seriously everyehere out here. It started getting ridiculous when we would crest another hill and come upon another wind field.

I think the most exciting part of the hike was seeing these cows.

Thank goodness for this sign. Don’t know what we would have done without it.

We decided to skip lunch since we were heading into town to resupply today. We’ll do anything for some fast food. Eventually we made our way down to the highway and got a ride from a local day hiker who has been section hiking the trail over the years. He offered us a ride into Mojave even though he lived in Tehachapi, a town 20 minutes away. Hikers are the best.
First stop was McDonald’s of course. They have these new “gourmet” burgers that are actually pretty good. It’s pretty sad how much I was looking forward to one all day. Then we went to the hardware store to buy cooking fuel. I had called earlier in the day to make sure they had it since they’re the only place in town that carries it. They told me, they did but of course when we got there they said they had been sold out for a few days. We have the best luck! We had no other choice than to go to Tehachapi. I found a bus that ran between the two cities and we had a nice little ride there. 

We found fuel and decided to go hang out at Burger King to hopefully charge our dying phones and figure out a plan to get back to Mojave since the bus wouldn’t leave again for another couple hours. We ran into some hiker friends there who were stuffing their faces with milkshakes and they tried to convince us to stay at their hotel and take a zero with them tomorrow. But we decided to be cheapies and ended up calling around to local trail angels until we found one who would give us a ride back. Such a blessing. We finally got to our hotel and showered and started laundry. We laid out all our food and I made a list of everything we’ll need for the next seven days. Once our laundry was in the dryer we practically ran over to the closest restaurant to get dinner. We hadn’t ate in like six hours at this point which is about three hours too long for hiker appetites. We crushed some Mexican food and were instantly stuffed.

I didn’t want to move but we had to grocery shop still. Luckily there was a Stater Brothers right next door and we found everything we need… besides donuts. All I’ve been craving for breakfast is donuts, but I guess I’ll have to wait.

We got back to the hotel and after pulling our clothes out of the washer and bringing them up to our room, I realized I was missing a sock. We looked everywhere and finally Colton went back down to the laundry room to look and came back with one of his he didn’t even know he was missing. But not mine. We looked more and had no luck. He went back to the laundry room and found it inside the washer with someone else’s clothes. I’m never letting that guy do laundry again. Not about to start hiking naked when we’re about to hit the Sierras. 

Now Coltons eating Oreos in bed, I’m blogging and planning our next stretch, and were laughing at our ridiculous food stash.

We walked entirely way too much today for what should have been a half a day off, but everything worked out eventually. Tomorrow we just have to drop a package off at the post office and then get back on the trail. Hopefully we can find a ride. But for tonight we get to sleep in a bed and sleep in a bit in the morning. Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Day 34: Mojave to Tehachapi to Mojave 

  1. That is some serious junk food. Love reading all your stories 🤗

    I think Colton planned the sock ordeal to get out if ever doing laundry again lol

    Happy 🚶 walking. Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The laundry in the hotel isn’t the best so he was smelling his socks after he took them out and said “I don’t think it worked, they still smell bad.” I smelled mine which were fine. His feet are just ridiculous.


  2. We finished a long hard hike in the windmills once and the sound they made was driving me absolutely insane!! I think I was ready to be done!!


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