Day 38: Enough is Enough

May 22, 2017: Hiked Miles 623.6 to 643.8 (20.2 total)

The good news is I slept better last night since I didn’t eat any dinner. I mean my tummy was grumbling from hunger until I fell asleep, but that’s a lot better than twisting knots from pain. 

The bad news is I woke up and still felt so weak and sick. I forced myself to eat some pop-tarts to have enough energy to walk, but it was a rough morning. It was already hot by the time we started at 8:00 and the trail was all sand so walking was less than fun. 

It’s always nice to be able to see your trail going up an opposing mountain as you’re walking down the one you’re on. 

Kidding, it’s not nice. It’s cruel. 

Colton finally got service after not having it for a few days and found out that his great grandma had passed away over the weekend. It’s never easy news to hear especially when you’re stuck out here and can’t do anything about it. Luckily we had gone to visit her just a few months ago when she was still doing better. Between the two of us we were definitely not the happiest group on the trail today. 

After a long morning we reached our next hopeful water cache, which did indeed have water! They also had a little hiker box which I raided for toilet paper, pepto bismol, and Imodium. My body is finally trying to flush itself of whatever has been poisoning it, and my toilet paper has been quickly depleting. As I’m sure you can imagine, having diarrhea in the desert is not exactly a walk in the park. Especially since I’ve already been dehydrated for a few days. This crap needs to stop soon. Pun intended. 

We took a quick break in the shade while we chugged water and I tried not to die.

And then we started a long, hot, sandy walk up the other side of the mountain. I told myself I wouldn’t stop til I got to the top. Colton kept thinking we were at the top and asking if I wanted to stop. All I had enough energy to do was shake my head no. Here’s a PCT life lesson for ya: there’s always a false summit on every mountain. You’re not to the top until you’re walking down the other side. And there’s always gonna be another mountain after that and another false summit. If you expect it, you’ll have a lot easier time getting to the top. If you think the top is always just a bend away, you’ll make things a lot harder on yourself. Sorry, I get all introspective when I’m sick apparently. 

We finally did make it to the top and had a view of some snowy mountains in the distance. 

Sierras? Maybe.

We ate lunch, which my stomach instantly regretted. I tried to make myself puke for the millionth time to no avail, but it stopped my stomach from churning enough that I could keep hiking. 

Luckily the rest of the day wasn’t too intense of terrain and we even managed to find a little shade. My random runs into the woods to expel any leftover water from my body slowed us down a little, but it did mean we got to hike through a gorgeous sunset.

We made it to a little cabin and our water source a little ways off the trail right at dusk. There were about ten other people there already in their tents. I ran to the outhouse and Colton found a spot for our tent and filled up water from the piped spring. Now he’s snacking on Reeses Pieces and peanut butter and cooking rice and I’m trying not to gag from the smell of food. Big thanks to Jamie for the Trader Joe’s individual coconut oil packets. Colton used them in the rice the past two nights and said it made them way creamier and have a nicer flavor. Hopefully someday I’ll be well enough to try it. 
Tomorrow we have a little over eight miles into Walker Pass where we’re hoping to find a ride into Ridgecrest where we have our resupply box waiting for us. And if I’m not feeling better, possibly a night in a hotel too.


4 thoughts on “Day 38: Enough is Enough

  1. I’m glad Colten used the coconut oil. One snack I love is almond butter mixed with nuts and coconut oil and some sea salt. Obviously you can use peanut butter. Its very filling and gives you plenty of energy all good fats…..when Colten had Almond M&M’s on his peanut butter spoon it kind of reminded me of that. I mean it was nuts. Ha! I wonder if you should consider getting some salt for you pack. Maybe sucking on a hunk of sea salt would help with your dehydration. I just feel awful for you!!!!! If you decide to use the coconut oil give your belly a few days to recover for some people it really helps with digestion….if you know what I mean. Good luck girlie!

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