Day 39: Ridgecrest 

May 23, 2017: Hiked Miles 643.8 to 651.3 (7.5 total)

Woke up this morning with absolutely no energy. I didn’t even eat breakfast. The pain just isn’t worth it anymore.

I did find some extra toilet paper in the little cabin nearby though. 

Nothing gets me excited like extra TP. And here’s our cute little stream someone was nice enough to pipe. 

The morning hike was hot as we started dropping elevation. It should have been a very easy and quick morning. But for me, it was probably one of the hardest mornings I have had out here. Zero energy even walking downhill. 

We finally made it down to Walker Pass Campground where there was a little group of hikers already there and lots of trail magic! Peanut butter and jelly, candy, lots of water. If only I could keep any of that in, I would have been in heaven. I asked one hiker of they found any Gatorade. He said they didn’t, but offered me some of his soda or beer. I kindly declined and layed on the ground to take a break. The hikers said a couple cars had stopped by this morning dropping off other hikers and food and had offered rides into Ridgecrest (where we were heading for the day). We waited around a bit to see if anyone showed up. After a while we decided to walk down to the highway to hitch hike and were quickly picked up by a nice couple from Germany who were traveling in the states. They had broken English so we had a good laugh trying to talk to them. They were spending the night in Ridgecrest before going on to Death Valley and Las Vegas so they gave us a ride in. 

They dropped us off at the post office where we picked up our resupply box and started walking to our hotel. Colton was starving by this point so we stopped at McDonald’s along the way. I stomached a few chicken nuggets and hoped for the best.

We made it to our hotel and took showers and relaxed. I chugged two Gatorades and took a couple hour nap. Around 7:00 we walked down to the store to get a couple more supplies for the trail, some fruit and more Gatorade, and new batteries for my headlamp. We had a nice sunset on our way back. 

We dropped our groceries off and went to the diner next to our hotel and grabbed dinner.

I ate a little breakfast. It didn’t even come close to filling me up, or stay in me very long but at least I’m getting some kind of food in me.

We went back to the hotel and were both exhausted. Hopefully we’ll get a good night’s sleep and I’ll feel a little better in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Day 39: Ridgecrest 

  1. Glad to hear anything. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to google your symptoms for an idea to rehydrate. I can see you are a strong cookie but sometime a little help is good. Wishing you good luck as well. No pun intended.

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  2. I’m behind in reading your blog but I’m hoping you don’t have Giardia from the unfiltered water. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! I am enjoying your blog and appreciate how dedicated you are to posting even when you are feeling so bad. You might consider picking up a packet of probiotics: it might help straighten you out.

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