Day 40: Recovery

May 24, 2017: Hiked Zero Miles!

I woke up this morning still feeling pretty tired and weak, but my stomach felt a little better. I decided we should take one more day off and wait to hit the trail until I was totally feeling better. 

We hit up our awesome continental breakfast where I found some interesting reading material. 

Now if only I could adopt one of those to carry my backpack for me. 

We had a gourmet spread: cereal, toast, watered-down orange juice, and mini chocolate donuts. Colton loaded up of course. 

I stuck with toast and dry cheerios hoping my stomach could handle it. 

Exciting I know.

We layed around our room all morning being lazy and remembering how ridiculous daytime tv is. We decided to switch hotels for tonight because the one we were staying at had increased price a lot over night. Luckily there was another cheap one pretty close by. We dropped off our bags there since check-in wasn’t for a couple more hours and walked down to Wal-Mart, since that was the most exciting thing to do within walking distance. I perused the food isles looking at all the snacks I would love to eat, but couldn’t, and eventually we walked over to Albertsons and grabbed some grilled chicken and Powerade and I got a peach and Colton got a maple bar donut and we snacked and people-watched. I forgot how much I love people-watching. There’s a lot of weird people on the trail, but we’re all doing the same thing and have a lot of the same weird quirks. Watching normal people shop is much weirder to me. Like watching one lady spend probably $50 on diet drinks. I probably never would have thought twice about seeing something like this in the past, but now that I try to buy as much calories as cheap as possible, I thought this was pretty ironic. I could have stayed there people-watching all day. But Colton needed his tv time so we walked back to the hotel and saw some more cool clouds on the way. 

Walking out of an air conditioned store, I was blasted with a hot wind. I didn’t realize how hot the weather is that we had been walking in every day until I had a cool environment to compare it to.

We got back to the hotel and relaxed in a dark cool room.  This massive painting behind our bed seemed appropriate for us. 

Colton watched tv and I read and listened to music. I was finally starting to feel better and had kept food in all day so I was becoming optimistic about getting over this sickness. I started actually feeling really hungry and craving food for the first time in a few days so we got some food to-go from around the corner and came back to eat and watch Forest Gump in bed. Colton crushed a massive burrito and I ate a huge chicken salad. I felt so thankful to be able to eat a decent amount and feel good afterwards. If all goes well we will be back on the trail tomorrow, but for now I am going to finally enjoy a pain-free restful night in my comfy bed. 


3 thoughts on “Day 40: Recovery

  1. So glad you are feeling better. I love your blog and am anxious to hear more as you go farther. In fact I an hardly wait to hear what I would never do. Safe journey to you two.

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  2. So glad you are feeling better. You are such a trooper. When I’m sick, I just wanna be home. I had the same sickness, I think. I went to mexico and ate from a street vendor, and was sick for four days. The difference, I was able to sleep alot. Those four days I probably got fifty hours sleep, or more. I couldn’t imagine hiking with forty pounds on my back when I’m sick. You are really tough..

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