Day 54: Back Home

June 7, 2017: Hiked Zero Miles!

Our fun little trip home last night turned into a not-so-fun trip. We were less than an hour from home when what sprinted out in the middle of the highway…. a deer. Colton hit the brakes, but there was nothing we could do to avoid him and we snacked him right in the middle of his huge body. We pulled over, not believing what just happened. After all he had gone through to get home, being this close and smacking a deer was not exactly the best night cap. Especially in a rental car. That we had turned down the insurance on. Of course. We pulled off the road, the car was having trouble moving and we thought we were done. We got out to inspect the damage and it didn’t look too good. The hood was bent up and making it hard to open the driver door and the bumper was falling off and all messed up. 

We were so upset, but there was nothing we could do besides see if we could drive it. We were able to cut the plastic off the bottom of the bumper which was what was dragging on the ground and on the tire and making it hard to drive. Once we did that, we were able to drive and decided to just get home and figure everything out in the morning. Apparently we should have just stayed on the trail.
We finally got home after 1:00 and brought all our stinky clothes inside and started laundry. We looked at the car again, but it was so depressing that I decided we should just get to sleep and worry about it in the morning. We had to shower before bed since we hadn’t in over a week and by the time we got to bed it was 2:30. 

I passed out hard but woke up around 5:00 wide awake. Ugh. I tried so hard to go back to bed but it just wasn’t happening. Colton slept til 7:30 and when we finally got out of bed we were starving since we normal eat breakfast around 5:00. Since we didn’t have much in the house we ran to the store to pick up some food. I was amazed how much less crowded Wal-Mart is at 8:00 in the morning.

We were absolutely starving when we got home so we made a feast.

Not exactly gourmet, but man was it nice to fill up!

We spent the morning running errands and readjusting and spent the afternoon starting to pack up and clean Colton’s house. It was a pretty uneventful day. He packed and I cleaned nonstop. I felt like the cleaning was endless and was not too stoked to spend my time off the trail scrubbing walls, but it was just something that had to get done. 

Around 10:00 we decided that was all we could do for one day and we were starving. And since I had cleaned the stove already, cooking was not happening. Nothing sounded good so we decided to try something we never had before and got Popeye’s Louisiana fried chicken. They were out of biscuits so they hooked us up with tons of chicken, which we definitely didn’t complain about. We picked up some beer and went home and pigged out on fried chicken and frozen cookie dough and watched stand-up comedy on Netflix.

But after eating and one little beer, we were exhausted. Colton fell asleep watching tv so I just turned it off and we crashed out in no time. I mean it was midnight, about three hours past our bedtime. Now I’m just hoping I can sleep in tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 54: Back Home

  1. I know the feeling too well. Hit a buck near Pagosa springs. The buck and our Toyota Sienna both died. Depressing on all counts. I was so glad the buck died fairly quick.

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  2. I cracked up again ” got to bed at 2:30 and woke up at 5:00. You sound like me. I’m not laughing at you, It’s what I would do, wake up at the usual time. Sorry about the deer. My friend hit a deer with my truck on 395 just north of June lake loop. Home, off the PCT and your cleaning house, you are one in a million.

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