Day 56: Moving is So Fun

June 9, 2017: Hiked Zero Miles, walked a ton

When the alarm went off at 6:00 I was not ready to get up. It’s kinda funny that we were getting more sleep on the trail getting up at 4:30 then we are now. We’re gonna need to get back to the trail just to get a good night’s sleep.

We drove back to Redding since Colton had an appointment first thing in the morning. I picked up some bagels and donuts and spent the morning rocking out and packing up the rest of the kitchen. When Colton got back we cleaned some more and loaded up his couches and took them out to his storage unit. The weather had cleared up and it was a beautiful day.

Colton’s parents and sister came down to help us move so we spent all afternoon trying to fit all of his stuff into his storage space. I don’t think either of us realised how much stuff he has so we were very grateful to have help moving.

We snacked on leftover tritip sandwiches and cheesecake his mom had brought down and made a few trips back and forth from the storage unit. We were in a time crunch because we had to return his house keys and they had plans for that night so we had to move fast. 

On one of our trips over to the storage place, the sky got dark and when we got there it started dumping. Luckily we got everything in pretty fast and waited out the rain and said our goodbyes. 

We went back home and cleaned every inch of dirt we could find in the place. We didn’t finish until almost 10:00 and Colton said goodbye to his apartment one last time. We picked up a Safeway pizza and went to my brother’s house to spend the night and get all our stuff ready for getting back on the trail. It was after midnight when we got in bed and Colton passed out mid-sentence talking to me. We’ll have another early morning tomorrow to get on the road. I can’t wait for a full night’s sleep.


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