Day 72: Carson Pass

June 25, 2017: Hiked Miles 1066.8 to 1084.8 (18.0 total)

We made it through the night without any more rain and woke up dry and warm.

Today I’m going to post some food pictures to give you a good idea of what we eat in a day. 

I always make instant coffee.

Whatever I can find that’s cheap. Or whatever awesome coffees trail angels give me. 

I usually do two packages of instant oatmeal. 

Colton taught me this cool trick of how to make it in the bag.

Which is apparently a big no-no according to the warning on the package.

He’s such a rebel. 

And then I usually eat some peanut butter and trail mix until I’m full. 

Ok, I’m never full. Until I’ve decided I’ll have enough energy to hike.

Colton does two oatmeal packages and usually a package of poptarts.

I get really sick of eating the same food every day, so I switch out the oatmeal for some kind of breakfast biscuits sometimes. They have a lot of calories and aren’t too heavy. 

Our morning started off beautiful with lots of trail and not as much snow. 

We made our way up a big rock mountain as the sun was starting to illuminate the valley. 

And had a good view of Upper Blue Lake (it’s not so blue right now):

If you look closely, you can see the neat way the ice is cracking. Reminds me of a snowflake. 

Seemed like a good place to take a selfie. I always forget to take pictures of myself, but look, I’m still alive! Just a little sunburnt and dirty. 

The top of the mountain is called The Nipple. Not sure why, it just looked like a pile of rocks to me. 

Then we made our way down the other side along the ridgetop. It’s so nice to walk on the top of mountains so you can see both sides. 

And had a good view of Lost Lakes:

I could see how they would be hard to find if you didn’t have a high vantage point.

It must get windy up here:

And then it was back in the dirty snow. Yay!

We passed a bunch more lakes and streams, in the process of unthawing.

And still had some good views when it opened up.

Here’s Colton contemplating climbing this mountain:

But instead we climbed the one to the right of it… even steeper! We even had to get our ice axes out.

On top we ate a snack. We pretty much always eat these bars for a snack. Lightweight for the amount of calories. 

I eat one a day. Colton usually eats two. 

We made our way down to Carson Pass, passing Frog Lake as we went. 

We were surprised to make it to the highway and see a packed parking lot and visitor center. 

A lot of people had come up for a weekend hike… until they saw how much snow there still was. 

Some guy insisted on taking my picture in front of the visitor center so I could have a memory of it. A memory of being dirty and stinky I suppose. 

We talked to the volunteers there who were really excited we were there. They just opened a week ago so they haven’t seen many PCT hikers yet. 

They had lots of trail magic for us. 

Unexpected trail magic is the best.

We kept hiking and had some good dirt trails for a bit.

We saw more people that were day and weekend hiking in the next two miles than we’ve seen in the last two weeks on the trail. 

We crossed the Truckee River a few times and only got wet up to our knees and found a good place for lunch in a beautiful valley.

We always add Mio or Propel to our water at lunch and dinner to get extra electrolytes and vitamins. This flavor is my favorite:

Tastes like an orange creamsicle, only more refreshing. 

I usually eat wheat thins, cheese, and salami sandwiches for lunch.

Colton does string cheese and salami in a tortilla wrap. We get bored so we do switch our food up and sometimes do tuna or peanut butter wraps. 

He ate an extra poptart for lunch and proceeded to spill the crumbs all over himself.

Then he mowes down on his big bag of chip crumbles and snacks on trail mix and whatever other random food he has. And I eat peanut butter and trail mix. And today an amazing apple from the volunteers at the visitor center. 

I forgot how refreshing apples are. 

After lunch we hiked back into the snow and past this icy lake. 

We hiked up into the hills until we found a good spot to camp for the night. There’s a lot of mosquitos, it’s a little windy, but at least we have a great view. 

For dinner, we switch things up a little bit. We almost always do half a packet each of Idahoan instant mashed potatoes.

And then we either do a Top Ramen or half a packet each of a Knorr Rice Side.

This is my favorite flavor:

And here’s Colton’s:

We usually eat a tortilla with dinner too.

I either dunk it in my Top Ramen or put half my potatoes and rice in it to make a yummy tortilla.

If we have extra Slim Jims or cheese, sometimes we’ll add some to our potatoes to give them a little more flavor. And one of our awesome care packages came with little 1 Tbsp. coconut oil packets that made the rice really creamy. 

And sometimes people send us dehydrated meals so we get something a little more interesting. But most of the time it’s rice, potatoes, and ramen cause we’re to cheap to splurge on those. Doesn’t get much more exciting. 

After dinner we always warm up with hot cocoa. 

And then usually snack on peanut butter and Reeses Pieces our whatever else we have laying around. 

But tonight I had a special desert that I packed out with me from the visitor center. 

I probably haven’t had one of these in over 20 years. When I was a kid my mom was a health nut and we hardly ever got candy or sugary treats. We lived in the small town of Willits and would occasionally go over to Ukiah for school shopping and other big outings. There was a Hostess outlet there that had discounted food that was about to be expired. Well, my mom couldn’t pass up a good deal. So we always went there to get these every time we went to Ukiah as our “big treat”. We never got anything else, just these little chocolate cupcakes. I don’t even know what they’re called. But, man were they good. And they’re still just as good today. The best part is when you bite into the middle that’s full of the cream frosting. 

Now if I can just figure out a way to pack them with me without squishing them. 

It feels like it’s going up be a cold night tonight, but tomorrow we only have six miles to hike to Highway 50 where my aunt and uncle are picking us up and we’ll get to head into South Lake Tahoe to resupply, do laundry, and shower. It’s only been 10 days since our last shower, so I’m sure we smell like roses.


5 thoughts on “Day 72: Carson Pass

  1. The cupcakes are Ding Dongs. the ones that are almost exactly the same ingredients but in a roll shape are the HoHos. (Not the hip-hop kind)

    Congratulations, I award you among 2017s top PCT Blogs. it’s between you and teatime.

    Rock On!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a rare treat to share your adventure and all the really great pictures that bring us along without the aches and pains. Finding out how to get the most out of the minimal supplies and showing your appreciation is a great lesson for everyone who tends to take so much for granted! May the gentle warm breezes stay at your backs.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aren’t you glad I was a health food nut! Makes you appreciate the sweets when you get them. Loving every one of your posts Jenn. Say hi to Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jim for me! See you soon in Redding or Burney. How about if I stock your fridge with zucchini muffins? Your favorite, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Probably the reason for not putting the hot water in the paper oatmeal envelope is it will react badly with the glue on the paper simular to the microave popcorn bags😎highway 50 also very close to one of Colton’s home’s where he grew up…Pollock Pines.

    Liked by 1 person

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