Day 73: South Lake Tahoe

June 26, 2017: Hiked Miles 1084.8 to 1090.0 (5.2 total)

The bad part about camping on ridgetops is it usually gets pretty windy and cold. Last night, check. The good part is you can see some beautiful sunrises. This morning, check.

We took our time eating breakfast and getting packed up since we knew we only had a little ways to go to get down the hill to meet up with my aunt and uncle, Jim and Jamie.

Our way down was snowy and in some dense trees. The trail was impossible to follow and we kept having to detour to avoid steep hills and ponds. We ended up climbing a lot more than necessary.

Eventually we got a view of Lake Tahoe in the distance. 

It’s out there…somewhere. 

We bushwacked until we found the trail which was surprisingly mostly uncovered. Just a few logs in the way. This one looked pretty fresh. 

At least we didn’t have to climb over it.

We hit the valley floor and were greeted with beautiful streams, flowers, and plants to look at. Colton said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you walk so fast.” It helps when you are walking downhill on a real trail without snow. And the excitement of seeing family and eating real food helps a little.

We popped out at the Echo Summit trailhead and I saw a familiar truck, and sure enough it was them. We hugged and said hi, and they reminded me how skinny I look. Only one remedy for that…food!

They wanted to take us to the Meyers Downtown Cafe, which is supposed to be a great breakfast spot, but when we showed up, of course, they were closed on Mondays. So we went down to Heidi’s Pancake House in South Lake and filled up on French toast, biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, and sausage.

They took us grocery shopping which went surprisingly fast since we only had to buy a couple days worth of food since we still had some leftover from the last section since we packed food for six days, but finished it in a little over four. We always pack extra food in the snow sections, because you never know what the conditions are going to be like or if you will have to stop for a day if you hit a storm or get hurt.

We went down to the public beach where they were trying to charge $7.00 a person to get in. No thanks. So we went over to the boat ramp to feel the water and see the views.

The water was choppy with the strong winds. It didn’t look too warm to swim in.

My aunt and uncle are amazing and hooked us up with a hotel room for the night. So they dropped us off there and we took a much needed shower. I didn’t realize how dirty I was until I looked in the mirror. Between the dirt, dried skin, and sweat, I definitely looked like I had been rolling in the dirt for the past few days. 

After getting cleaned up, we walked down to the laundromat to start our laundry and grabbed some Mexican food for lunch while we waited. After doing laundry, we walked back to the hotel and relaxed and packed up all our new food. Surprisingly, almost all our food fit into our bear canisters!

We decided to walk around and check out South Lake. Colton found Elvis. 

And walked around The Village, which was packed, and had lots of live music to listen to as we walked around. We waked right by the gondolas, which you can take up to the ski runs in the winter and ski right downtown.

We walked down to the beach again and luckily they weren’t charging anymore to get in. We sat on the beach and people watched and watched as the sun started to sink towards the water. 

The waves were so relaxing. I felt like I could have sat on the shore foeever. 

We finally pulled ourselves off the beach and found a place to eat dinner at McP’s, a cool Irish pub that had a guy playing music and had the Giants game on tv. 

We stuffed ourselves and waddled back to our hotel room where we relaxed in our huge, comfy king-size bed. Now we’re gonna get a great night’s sleep and get back on the trail in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Day 73: South Lake Tahoe

  1. You know me… not the religious type…but Nana would be so proud of you! Can’t help but think that her spirit is in Lake Tahoe… spreading love to her precious grandchild…encouraging you to keep following your dream…still remember you as a two year old… suitcase packed and hanging out by the front door… ready for a Disneyland adventure with Nana and the relatives. Only now it’s not a fairy tale adventure.. it’s your own true life adventure. Keep trekking!

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  2. The last month has been unbelievable and I wonder what closer to home will be like. Don’t toss the bear canisters though. Happy trails.

    Liked by 1 person

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