Day 74: Dick’s Pass

July 27, 2017: Hiked Miles 1090.0 to 1107.0 (17.0 total)

I didn’t wake up until 6:15 this morning. I felt rested and ready to hike. It was just what I needed. We got breakfast from the hotel’s cafe. 

Pretty much our go-to breakfast when we’re not on the trail. Lots of carbs, calories, fat, vitamins, and doesn’t taste too bad either. 

Colton had to handle some business over the phone so we relaxed and layed around until he finished that and then my aunt and uncle picked us up again. They brought a GoPro charging cord for us because Colton found a GoPro about a week ago and we haven’t been able to turn it on or figure out who’s it is. He plugged it in and sure enough, it turned on, even after finding it in water. Luckily it has a waterproof case on it. We looked at the pictures and decided it definitely wasn’t a thru-hiker’s and definitely wasn’t from this year as there was no snow in the pictures, of the places we have been that are covered in snow. He was pretty excited to find out it still works. 

Jim and Jamie dropped us back off at the trail and we said goodbye. We are so thankful for their great hospitality and glad we got to spend some time with them.

We didn’t get started hiking until almost 11:00, so we had some decent ground to make up since we were hoping to get 15 miles in today. We hiked up from Highway 50 and down to Echo Lake. 

The place was packed with people out fishing, boating, and hiking. 

We ran into a couple hiker friends who had just made it in and looked pretty exhausted. They were trying to hitch into South Lake Tahoe so we gave them the scoop on the city. 

We walked across the spillway, which was pumping out a lot of water.

And then hiked our way around the lake.

The trail was clear of snow around the lake, just had a lot off water running down it, so we passed by tons of day hikers. They all wanted to know where we were going at such a fast pace and with such big packs on and got really excited when they found out our destination was Canada. We stopped and talked to a ton of people which slowed us down a little, but it’s so fun telling people what we’re doing that I really don’t mind. A couple people told us we looked really clean for thru hikers. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that. 

We made our way up to the snow and away from the crowds and started our snow trudging up the hill. We crested one hill and then started down to Aloha Lake, where we stopped for lunch. Aloha Lake is supposed to be a gorgeous lake with lots of little rock islands in it that you can swim to. But of course right now it’s just covered in snow. 

Colton saw a rope in a tree with a caribbeaner on the end. So of course he had to climb up the tree to get it. 
Like he needs another thing to carry. 

We ate and dried off and then got soaked again right as we started hiking. We wound around the rest of Aloha Lake before heading off to the east. 

We passed a ton more lakes and hiked back and forth from rock to snow. 

We came upon a group of weekend backpackers at one lake and met one other PCT hiker who had just started the trail. I’m not sure why he started in the middle of the trail, especially in the snow, but to each, their own. He seemed to be going pretty slow and was a little concerned about the snow. We reassured him that this section should be fine, he’d be out of the snow soon enough, and the snow will get him in great hiking shape quickly to start busting out some miles. I just hope he brought enough food until that happens. 

We kept hiking and were planning on stopping in a couple miles to camp, but after not finding any flat, uncovered campsites, we decided to push on. The next few miles we hiked up a steep ridge up to Dick’s Pass so there was nowhere to camp. And then we got to the top, which didn’t have any good spots either. But it did have some great views of both sides of the valley.

Here’s Lake Tahoe in the distance:

Here’s looking back at Aloha Lake:
 Here’s looking at Dick’s Lake:

And here’s a panorama of Dick’s Lake and Pass:

It looked like there might be some good rocks to camp on down by the lakes so we made our way down the mountain. It was steep and slushy so there was a lot of sliding involved.

We found a good rock close to the lake to set up on. It was already 7:30 by this point so we quickly set our socks and shoes out to hopefully dry a little. They didn’t. Oh well. 

We set up camp and made dinner and had a great view of the setting sun. 

Here’s another view of the pass we just came down:

It got really windy and cold about halfway through dinner so we moved operations into the tent which was much warmer. We were really excited to eat our Mountain House meals that my aunt and uncle gave us. 

We didn’t finish dinner and cleaning up until after 9:00, so we curled up and read and blogged and now it’s 10:00 and definitely time for bed. We’re gonna try to sleep in a little later tomorrow since we hiked farther than we expected today and got in to camp so late. Hopefully well be able to!


4 thoughts on “Day 74: Dick’s Pass

  1. Good to see you back on the trail again. Great pictures as usual. I like that you like talking to other day hikes. I respect thru hikers probably more than any professional athletic, well, equal to Tom Brady, or Joe Montana, but, you guys are real stars. I don’t know how you push on, no matter what mother nature throws in front of you. You guys are my heros, and I love your journals.
    Best wishes

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  2. I’ve been from Echo Lake to Mosquito Pass passing Aloha Lake and back. Sure looks different with snow! And they don’t call it Mosquito Pass for nothing! Good job with keeping up on the blog. I know it’s a lot of work be we appreciate it. Happy trails and stay safe

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great to see you guys hitting my home turf. I was up there this holiday weekend doing some backpacking with my dogs, though I tried to stay out of the snow. This is without a doubt my favorite PCT Journal!

    Liked by 1 person

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