Day 75: More Water, Less Snow

June 28, 2017: Hiked Miles 1107.0 to 1124.9 (17.9 total)

Last night and this morning were the coldest we have had in awhile. I guess that’s what camping next to a frozen lake will get you. Or the heat wave is over.

The morning was not too eventful. We hiked through lots of snow and over and around lots of creeks and logs. 

The snow is getting really thin in a lot of places, especially around water, so we were constantly plunging through, which ended with our shoes nice and wet. We try to be careful where we walk, but the thin snow isn’t always visible like this:

I wouldn’t want to plunge though there. 

We crossed this stream on a fun little log:

Colton started getting scared coming down and was contemplating what he would do if the log collapsed. To which I suggested he should jump off the side into the three feet of water and walk out. I don’t know how he can go skydiving, scale icy mountains, and rockclimb, but a 6-foot drop into a calm creek freaks him out. 

We passed some more cool creeks. 

And eventually made our way out of Desolation Wilderness. 

The sign on the way in must have been covered in snow, but the one on the way out was visible, as was more of the trail. 

Ever since a couple miles before South Lake, the PCT has joined together with the Tahoe Rim Trail, so we’ve been seeing these placards all over:

Actually we usually only see the Tahoe Rim ones as a lot of the PCT ones get stolen.  

We came across a bunch of these broken down poles with electrical wiring:

It looked like they had lights or sensors on them. Maybe some kind of weather station. And then we heard a series of loud booms. At first I thought the ground was rumbling, but then we realized it was just a loud noise from far away. It sounded like it might have been some avalanche blasting which would make sense since there were some earthquakes north of here yesterday morning and we are surrounded by a bunch of ski resorts. Or someone was celebrating July 4th a little early…with some really big fireworks. 

We made our our way down to Lake Richardson where we stopped for lunch. 

It was so nice to be able to finally have an uncovered lake to enjoy.

The trail after lunch was mostly uncovered again and our scenery became a lot greener. 

We stopped to fill up with water and take a little break. 

This is what most of the creeks we fill up from look like:

Ice cold snow run-off that you don’t have to filter. It’s the best. 

We inspected Colton’s shoes, which are getting pretty bad. 

He might be taping these suckers together pretty soon.

We hiked a little farther until we made it to Barker Pass trailhead, where we decided to spend the night. We had a great view of Lake Tahoe to our east.

We were just laying out our shoes and socks to dry when we saw some friends, Kate and Viking walk up. They were part of the group that had helped us swim out of the sketchy water crossing down on the Tuolumne River. Their group had dwindled to just the two of them. It was nice to see them and catch up and share all the funny stories from over the past week. They left to hike on a couple more miles and we set up camp. 

And eat dinner on our table that seems to have shrunk into the ground over the winter. 

With all the climbing up and over logs and snow banks today, we are exhausted. I can’t wait for bed and it looks like we’re going to do a decent amount of climbing tomorrow, so hopefully we can get lots of warm sleep and wake up very rested.


7 thoughts on “Day 75: More Water, Less Snow

  1. Is Cole wearing Altra lone pine 3’s? What size? And where will you be in 3+ days? Ill ship you a new pair. Trail angel Amazon prime style lol 😀

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  2. Gee, how could anyone steal a PCT sign? What little I’ve spent on the PCT, I really watched for the signs and was glad when I saw one and knowing I was on the right path. That tree bridge looks scary to me too.
    Best wishes

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