Day 77: Incline Villiage

June 30, 2017: Hiked Miles 1146.6 to 1157.0 (10.4 total)

We woke up early to another gorgeous morning. 

Every morning out here is beautiful. I can’t believe I get to wake up every day and see what I do. 

I could see Tinker Knob lit up, where we hiked down from yesterday evening.

We ate breakfast and watched the sun start to illuminate the hills. I got creative and added a hot cocoa packet to my coffee. Trail mocha…yummy.  

We started hiking to a brisk morning, still being on the shadowy side of the mountain. 

We had great views on our way down.

We had some nice rock and dirt trails for a bit, but eventually we ended up back on the snow, like we always do.

We made our way across the ridgetop and warmed up as the sun made it’s way up into the sky.

We came upon another ski park and made our way up to the highest lift.

And passed under some more ski lifts on the way down.

We wound into and out of the forest.

And passed by a couple lakes on the way down.

We passed a couple coming up on our way down who had lots of questions about the trail and were kind enough to give us some fresh cherries and raspberries. I forgot how good fresh fruit tastes.

We made it down to Donner Pass and crossed over Highway 40.

We walked above the highway for a bit.

And saw some people rock climbing on the cliffs above us.

We ran into a couple PCTA workers who were out hiking and scouting out the trail. They asked us if we were thru hikers and were amazed when we told them we had actually hiked most of the way through the Sierras instead of skipping ahead. They hadn’t met any other hikers this year who had done any of it.

The trail from here had lots of obstacles for us to maneuver like logs, creeks, and snow.

Somehow Colton ended up in the middle of this little marsh:

And eventually we made it out to the Donner Summit trailhead at Highway 80.

Colton’s aunt and cousin, Missi and Cael, picked us up and drove us back to their beautiful home in Incline Village. The roads were packed with all the crowds in town for the holiday weekend. We showered and she made us some amazing tacos. I laughed when she said she was worried that she wouldn’t have healthy enough food for us to eat. Then we told her what we ate on the trail. I don’t think she’s too worried anymore.

She took us to Raleys to do some grocery shopping. Luckily we only have a couple days until we get to Sierra City, so resupply was quick. 

Can you tell we’re in Nevada now?

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing around the house and snacking. Two of the best things to a PCT Hiker. 

Missi and Kirk own a winery as one of their many business ventures so they spoiled us with one of their award winners. 

We snacked on leftover tacos and pretty much everything else they had in their fridge for dinner and spent the evening chatting about the trail and watching Kirk and Cael race remote control cars around the kitchen. By 11:00 I was more than ready for bed. Our bed is super comfy, I can’t wait to sleep in it!


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