Day 78: July?

July 1, 2017: Hiked Miles 1157.0 to 1164.4 (7.4 total)

I first woke up at 4:00 this morning and was wide awake. The comfy bed must have helped me sleep well. I didn’t think I would ever fall back asleep, but eventually did and slept in until 6:30. 

We enjoyed a relaxing morning drinking coffee, watching the news, and scarfing down all the amazing breakfast Missi made for us. I don’t think they’ll have much food left in the house after we leave. 

I don’t think I mentioned it in the previous blog post, but this is the wine we had last night from their winery:

Definitely try it out if you ever see it anywhere. I highly recommend it. 

We spent the morning lounging around and playing with Cael. He’s probably the smartest six-year-old I know and has the best imagination, so we had a blast talking to him. 

Missi’s daughter, Symone, was singing the national anthem at a Fourth of July Veteran’s Luncheon so we walked down to the event, and had lunch and listened to her sing. She did a great job and the food was amazing.

It was a neat event with lots of veterans there, a bunch of pararescue jumpers who are doing a presentation on the Fourth over Tahoe jumping out of a plane, and the San Diego Marines marching band who put on a great performance. 

After the luncheon we walked back to the house admiring all the gorgeous homes on the lake. Not the worst place to live. 

Missi and Cael took off because Cael was going to compete in an ice-cream-eating competition. Basically every kid’s dream. And Kirk drove Colton and I back to the I-80 trailhead. We said goodbye and got back on the trail. I know I’ve said it before, but we are so appreciative of all the people that have helped us out on the trail especially with their hospitality. I only hope we can return the favor someday or pay it forward. They are all lifesavers and amazing trail angels. 

Of course our trail went from mud back to slushy snow in no time since it was already afternoon. 

We slid around a lot since our shoes basically have no tread now, until we finally got smart and put our microspikes on. I don’t know why we ever try to walk in the snow without them. Taking a minute to put them on saves us so much energy from sliding with every step and ending up on our butts all the time. 

As I was hiking, I remembered that today is July 1st. It seems so weird to me that it’s July. I feel like my seasons are so messed up having already completed the desert section which felt like a hot summer day a lot of the time and then getting thrown straight into the snow which felt like a blizzardy winter day a lot of the time. Now our days are hot, our nights are cold. It seems more like winter on the trail and then we get off for a day and go into town and everyone’s in swimsuits at the lake. We are just all messed up. 

We pretty much hiked up and up and up today, through the trees, in the snow, until we crested over a peak and got to slip and slide our way down into the canyon. 

We passed this pretty little waterfall on the way down. 

And then decided to camp on this bridge after not finding anywhere else dry or flat to sleep. 

It’s also the only place in the sun in the canyon so hopefully we’ll at least have a warm evening. And hopefully no one comes by and rolls us off into the water in the middle of the night. 

We ate dinner on the bridge. I think I am finally sick of Top Ramen. It just has no taste to me anymore. Which is not good as we still have a few months on the trail. Gonna have to figure something else out soon. 

I’m watching the sun sink behind the trees now and listening to the creek running, Colton snoring, and the frogs croaking. 

Oh wait, Colton just woke up, reached down to grab some gummy bears and shove them in his mouth. I don’t even think his eyes opened all the way. After he just said 30 minutes ago that he was stuffed and couldn’t eat anything else. I guess there’s always room for gummy bears.


4 thoughts on “Day 78: July?

  1. Well, I guess this blog means no one came along and rolled you off the bridge? I was glad to see you posted again so you’ve made this 4th of July and little brighter. Speaking of vet’s, I am one, and in case you have heard about all the bad stories of vet’s health care, I want to say, I love the care they have given me. I cannot say enought good things about the VA, the doctors, and nurses. Also, I am so glad you are doing this journal. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy following your footsteps
    as you travel along this increditable journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I found your blog and it is now the highlight of my evening after work. It is a small world, I grew up in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Frequently, I traveled south to Redding. Now I live in Salem, Oregon and stop in Redding to eat at In and Out Burger on the way to Orange County. I am a Boy Scout leader and going with the boys hopefully to the Goat Rocks Wilderness Area in Washington the first week of August. I hope that the snow they have there now is gone by then. Microspikes and ice axes are required there at this time on the PCT that goes through the Wilderness Area. The Knifes Edge on the PCT is there. Tell Colton good job on earning his Eagle Rank. What GPS app do you use to keep on the trail when it is covered in the snow? My wife and I are going to the National Boy Scout Jamboree from July 14 to August 5. Let me know if you want to spend a zero day or two in Salem, Oregon if you reach Hightway 22, Santiam Pass after August 5. Ed Marsoun 503.884.5765

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    1. Thanks Ed! That’s very sweet of you. We might hit you up when we get up there! We have 2 apps we use for gps. They are called halfmile and guthook. Both pct apps. Very helpful. Would be lost without them.


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