Day 80: Sierra City

July 3, 2017: Hiked Miles 1184.7 to 1195.4 (10.7 total)

We didn’t have very far to hike today so we decided to sleep in. If course that meant I woke up at 4:00 wide awake. I forced myself back to sleep until 5:45 when I couldn’t fall back asleep. We had a lazy morning packing up and eating breakfast and enjoying our nice, not-freezing cold campsite. Here’s my new invention:

Oatmeal in a peanut butter jar. Pretty clever, I know.

We finally hit the trail which was mostly all downhill and wound us through some pretty forests.

It was an easy morning, although a little boring. But it was definitely a nice change after all the climbing we’ve been doing recently. 

We crested a hill and popped out with a view to the north. And guess what we saw…

No snow! Wow, what an exciting sight. 

We had a view off this dam at one point with a nice waterfall flowing out below it. 

And walked past some walls that looked like they would be fun to rockclimb.

We stayed in the trees most of the day switchbacking our way down the mountain. We passed a few creeks on the way down. 

And eventually popped out at the Wild Plum Campground which was packed with campers out for the holiday weekend. I had forgot that tomorrow is the Fourth of a July until I saw decorations around.

We walked through the campground, smelling the great smells of charcoal, bbq, and bacon. You forget what cooked food smells like out on the trail since most of our food doesn’t have any kind of smell. We passed over a couple more creeks that some kids were fishing in. 

And eventually made it out to Highway 49 which we walked along into the huge town of Sierra City. Kidding. I think the population is 250. It’s a cute town with some cool old buildings and about the only thing open was the country store that everyone was hanging out at.

And some encouragement:

As Colton would say,  “Almost there.”

The burgers at the store didn’t look very appetizing for $10 a piece so we snacked on what little food we had left and hung out at a little park next to the church to wait for Colton’s mom to pick us up. 

It felt great to relax and know that we have six whole days off without hiking. 

We were so happy to see familiar faces pull up finally. It’s a little easier than hitchhiking home. We were starving of course so we found a Pizza Factory in Portola that had a pizza, soda, and salad bar buffet for only $7.99 each. Perfect hiker meal. We loaded up on food and had fun catching up on life and the trail.

We left happy and stuffed and made our way home to Burney. We immediately showered when we got home and then headed over to my mom’s house where she had gathered a bunch of neighbors and made a great taco bar feast. It was so fun talking with everyone and laughing and sharing stories. After being on our own so much in the snowy mountains, talking to other people is such a novelty now. 

We stayed up way past our bedtime and finally crawled in bed around 11:30, happy, full, and exhausted. 


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