Day 81: Independence Day

July 4, 2017: Hiked zero miles!

We woke up this morning to a beautiful Burney, CA morning. We’re both from Burney, and our parents still live there, so it makes visiting pretty easy. Burney is up in the mountains so summers are great because it gets warm, but never too hot, during the day, and still cools off at night, unlike where we live in Redding where days are regularly over 110 degrees and you’re lucky if it gets down in the 80’s at night. 

Our moms somehow convinced us that we hadn’t had enough exercise walking for the past few months and that a morning kayak trip would be a fun idea. We loaded up the kayaks and headed out to Hat Creek, a local creek about 20 minutes from home.

The water was perfectly calm and just cool enough to be refreshing and the air was warm with a bright sun to start the day off. 

We paddled up Hat Creek and saw a group of deer feeding on the shore and swimming across the creek. We saw herons and osprey fly overhead and even had a bald eagle swoop over us with a fresh fish hanging from his mouth. It was such a refreshing way to start the day and felt good to work our arms instead of our legs for once. When you spend all day, every day hiking, you get a good workout, but never want to push too hard at any point since you know you have hours of hiking ahead of you. So it was nice to feel like we could work our bodies as hard as we wanted and really feel like we got a good cardio and muscle burn, knowing we didn’t have to continue all day.

It was so peaceful floating on the water and letting the current carry us away. 

Of course we couldn’t let it get too zen-like so I may have started an oar splashing contest with Colton at one point. You can never get to old for one of those. I felt like I could sit out there for hours. But then we got hungry of course, and hightailed it to shore. 

We stopped by Burney Falls State Park on the way home, where the PCT actually passes right through. An amazing trail angel and blog follower had so kindly sent us a new pair of shoes there after learning about the disintegrating state of our current shoes. I still can’t believe how sweet people are to us to send us things, give us rides, house us, etc on the trail. Hiking this trail is the best lesson in humility, giving, and the power of generosity and kindness. To give without expecting anything in return is such a generous gift and it’s amazing to see so many people do so. In an age where so many people think humanity has been lost and that we are living in a dog-eat-dog world, I love to see proof that people have hearts and souls and am so inspired by everyone that I have met on the trail or through my blog and can’t wait to help others out in similar ways.

We picked our new shoes up and some new socks for Colton and headed home. I was so amazed when we set the new shoes side by side with the old ones and saw how much tread we had lost. 

No wonder we were sliding down every snow slope like we were. We definitely got our use out of our old pair of shoes, probably more than we should have and are so grateful to have a fresh pair when we get back on the trail. Thank you Blair, from us and our feet!

We dropped off the kayaks and ran over to my mom’s house to make some quesadillas and stuff our starving bellies. Thank goodness for parents with stocked fridges. My mom had my bridesmaids dress at her house for the wedding I’m in this weekend and I hesitantly tried it on, hoping I hadn’t lost too much weight that it would just fall off me. It was definitely a lot looser than when I had originally tried it on, but with an idea from my mom about adding a clasp in the back, I think we can make it work.

We headed down to our home of Redding and were blasted by the heat of summer instantly. It felt nice to know we were home, but also good to know that we wouldn’t have to be there all summer for it.

We went over to my friends house for a July 4th BBQ and had fun catching up with them, exchanging stories, laughing, playing with the kids, and eating lots of food. It’s so nice to be back around friends and be able to relax and just enjoy quality time. 

We went home and watched the fireworks from the park in front of my house. 

We didn’t have a great view, but at least we didn’t have to cover our ears from the blasts.

Colton fell asleep before the finale, but it was a couple hours past his bedtime at that point. 

We went to bed sweating, not used to a warm night. For as many freezing nights on the trail we have had, I still prefer a cold night to a warm one. Hopefully it cools off and we can get a good night’s rest.


3 thoughts on “Day 81: Independence Day

  1. Thanks for the reminder of memories of Burney and the wonderful evaluation of humanity at its best. Also, this is a great commercial for shoes that have probably walked a million or more steps.

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  2. New shoes, how sweet was that? Thank you for sharing your trail magic with us readers. I believe it warms our hearts too, and lets us know, how friendly the world can be.

    Liked by 1 person

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