Day 82: Summer Daze 

July 5, 2017: Hiked zero miles! 

We woke up this morning to a perfect summer morning. Before we started hiking the PCT, we were pretty active people doing a lot besides hiking. One thing we did a lot and has been a big part of my life for a long time is running. It’s always been a great kind of meditation for me and I use to run a few times a week before this hike. But now that we’ve started hiking, hiking is all we do. When we’re not hiking, we’re sitting letting our legs rest, definitely not running. But since we have six days off before we get back on the trail, I don’t want my legs to start losing strength, so I figured this week would be a perfect time to go on a couple runs. And I want to see if we can even run anymore, or if we’ll just pass out after 100 feet. 

We went down to one of our favorite running spots and hit the trail. And it felt amazing. It was great to be able to move so fast. My legs and core felt stronger than ever. I think the fact that we have been hiking up around 9000+ feet of elevation for awhile made running at 500 feet that much easier. We sped through our run faster than we ever have before and I felt great when we got done. 

Definitely a little sweatier than normal!

We made breakfast. Like a real breakfast. With a real stove. Not an isobutane camp stove. Colton was surprised I still remembered how to cook. It’s pretty hard to screw up bacon and eggs.

I guess it’s edible.

Or he’s just that hungry.

It seemed so weird to have a whole plate of food for breakfast, instead of just one pot or a bar. It was nice to sit outside on my porch and enjoy a warm morning and remember what life was like before the trail. 

We spent the morning running errands and sweating our butts off. I’m used to sweating my butt off hiking on the trail. I’m not used to sweating my butt off sitting in a car. Just feels wrong.

My mom gets acupuncture all the time so she set up an appointment for Colton since his shoulder has been bothering him ever since we started the trail.

He’s never had acupuncture before, but I think he eased into it pretty quickly. He was knocked out in no time. 

It’s hard to see, but there are tiny needles sticking into his legs. 

He said it was very relaxing and his shoulder instantly felt better when we left. Unfortunately I think it will take continued treatments to keep it feeling well which is not very possible on the trail. But at least he knows it works if it gets bad again. 

When it got ridiculously hot in the afternoon, my brother and his girlfriend took us out to the river to jet ski with them.

The water was freezing which was refreshing when it splashed you, but not as much when you fell off the jet ski. 

Colton had never rode a stand-up jet ski before and did really well for his first time. 

We had a blast and stayed until the water got too cold to bear. 

After jet skiing we went home and had a BBQ of tritip, corn on the cob, baked beans, battered shrimp, and watermelon and sat on the back patio and enjoyed a refreshing summer night with family.


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