Day 83: Wedding Preparation 

July 6, 2017: Hiked Zero Miles

Today started off with another run. Colton decided to sleep in today so I went alone. My legs felt a little sore when I started, especially my inner thighs. I’m pretty sure it’s all from jet skiing yesterday. But as I started running, I loosened up and soon felt good and was cruising. I forgot how much I love running, especially on summer mornings. Being out when it’s cool and not too busy, just me, the quiet, some other runners and dogwalkers, and a few cyclists. It’s so refreshing seeing everyone’s smiling faces, saying hi as you pass someone, and having the warm morning air hit your face. 

I came home and woke Colton up and made another delishish breakfast, along with a french press of coffee. No instant coffee for this lady today! Colton and I were sitting on the porch enjoying the peaceful morning when my dad showed up on his bike after a long road ride. My brother joined us and we had a nice morning catching up and telling more trail horror stories. Kidding, they’re not all horror stories. Some are good ones too.

We ran some more errands after he left. Since I’m in my friends wedding on Saturday, she insisted I get a spray tan after she saw the state of my awesome tan lines from my knee braces. Luckily she had some extra spray tan coupons so I went and got my tan on. I’m definitely tanner, although the knee brace lines are still visible. Not quite sure if those are ever going away. She’s gonna kill me.

Colton dropped me off at the wedding venue for the rehearsal. When the wedding party all showed up, we went through last minute details and attempted to walk through the ceremony, but really we just soaked our clothes in sweat and joked around a bunch. Hopefully we’ll figure it out on Saturday.

After the rehearsal we drove over to where the groom and his guys will be getting ready on Saturday before the wedding because it’s closeby. We hung out by the pool and I watched as my spray tan slowly started melting and dripping down my legs. Now I have tan lines and drip lines. Good thing the bride is gorgeous so no-one will be looking at me on Saturday.

We went to dinner at Dry Creek Station, a really good local steakhouse and had an awesome dinner and some great wine that the bride’s dad brought from his winery. I stuffed my face with creamy dill salmon, salad, garlic bread, and a baked potato. Perfect dinner. The wedding party is a great group of fun people and we definitely know how to have fun. 

Dinner was filled with lots of laughs and almost broke into a food fight. Luckily the waiter took away our plates right before things started to get too crazy.

I came home after dinner and enjoyed a cool night sitting on the front porch updating my blogs. After the advice from a reader, I went back and added dates to each of my blog entries so that people can gauge trail conditions based on what date we passed through certain areas for future hikers or people who are behind us on the trail. Hopefully this will help some hikers out.

While I was busy with wedding things all day, Colton saw the new Kong movie. He said it was ok, nothing amazing. And he went out to his old fire station he previously worked at and hung out with all his old co-workers. Oh, and he got his Panda Express that he had been craving for months, of all things… someday I’m gonna have to show him what real Chinese food tastes like.

Now it’s 11:00… way past our bedtime. I’m praying the house cools off soon so we can get some sleep tonight. 


2 thoughts on “Day 83: Wedding Preparation 

  1. I always wear pants, but once when I was 13 I spent a month at my grandparents house in Arizona where I lived in my bathing suit the whole time and got VERY tan. When I got back, I had tan lines for like two years. Just sayin.

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