Day 84: Muscle Maddness

July 7, 2017: Hiked Zero miles!

Hot, sweaty night. Lots of tossing and turning. Is this what summer is supposed to feel like? I guess when you’re not camping in the snow it is.

No run today. Can’t run too many days in a row or my hips will not like me very much. So I did another one of my pre-trail workouts: T-25: Core Cardio. It succeeded in kicking my butt and leaving me completely drenched in sweat. Such a great feeling. 

I made breakfast again. I forgot how soothing real cooking is. Not feeling rushed. Just some calm music and me and the kitchen. And eating on the front porch, watching the world wake up. Remembering that it’s a Friday morning and most people are rushing off to work, or nursing a Thursday night hangover, or waiting til the clock strikes 5:00 to start the weekend. And I am lucky enough to not care what day it is. To appreciate every day and be able to do what I want with each one. Even if it is just sitting on my front porch, listening to the birds chirp. I really do feel so blessed.

We sorted through all of our food and prepped a package we are going to send to Quincy for our next resupply point and packed up all the rest of our food for our next stretch out of Sierra City to figure out what we still need to buy. Looks like just a few perishables like cheese and salami. Hopefully the non-perishables don’t melt in my house in this crazy heat before we get back on the trail. 

My mom has a friend who is a masseuse so she bought both of us a massage with her friend while we were in town. It worked out great because my mom’s boyfriend who lives in Redding has a massage table at his house, so we were able to do the massages there. Colton went first and while he was getting his massage, my mom managed to add a couple snaps onto the back of my bridesmaid’s dress which helped make it a little tighter. She is such a sweet mom and always goes out of her way for her chidren. I’m so lucky to have such giving parents.

Colton looked ridiculously relaxed when he came out after his massage and I was more than ready for mine. It was the perfect massage. After living in Thailand for almost a year, I got really used to Thai massages which can be pretty intense, even painful at times and came to love the hard pressure points the little Thai masseuses could hit and the release I felt after the lactic acid was forced out of my muscles. I feel like most normal massages are never hard enough, but this one was awesome. Just hard enough to know that things were working, but not to the point that it made me cry. I was so relaxed afterwards and felt much more flexible. After three months of hiking, this was exactly what I needed.

After the massages we scarfed down some lunch at home and ran some more errands including the post office, shopping, and hitting up Coltons storage shed which we almost sweated to death in trying to move things around. 

Colton has a list of about 300 movies that he wants to watch while we are home so we started cracking on them and went and saw the new Spiderman movie. It was a little slow and a little corny, but the ending was pretty good and it had some decent action scenes. After a couple more errands we went home and then realized we were starving so I ran to the store for some pizza and salad. California Pizza Kitchen is my favorite frozen pizza so I grabbed one pepperoni and one bbq chicken and ran home to cook them. The flavors are always so good in these pizzas and the crust is perfect, not too hard, not too greasy, not too soft. Good pizza is all about the crust in my opinion. And thin crust is the way to go, at least for cheap, frozen pizza. Colton watched another movie, but I was craving some alone time outside so I took my pizza, salad, and a glass of wine on the pack patio and enjoyed a full moon and a quiet, peaceful dinner. 

I absolutely love being outside, hence one reason I am hiking the PCT, so every chance I get to be outside, I take it.

Now it’s bedtime and an early morning tomorrow to get ready to see one of my best friends get married! I love weddings, I can’t wait!


One thought on “Day 84: Muscle Maddness

  1. That was one of my favorite part about the PCT, it didn’t matter what day it was, it was just a new day, and I could do whatever I wanted with it. Maybe it’s like that when you retire? I hope so.

    And I also love being outside, given a choice. Even in bad weather. I’m outside right now!

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