Day 85: Wedding Time 

July 8, 2017: Hiked zero miles

I woke up nice and early and went for a quick run since the rest of the day was going to be consumed with the wedding events. I scarfed down some coffee and peanut butter, jelly, and banana toast just as Colton was waking up.

The bride, Ashley, and another one of the bridesmaids, Sarah, picked me up and we ran to the store for food and drinks for the day and then headed out to the wedding venue. 

The venue is a beautiful country setting in a little town called Palo Cedro, just a few miles outside of Redding. 

It has a gorgeous lawn with trees, flowers, a pond, and fountains for the ceremony and a cool old barn for the reception.

We had mimosas, snacks, and country music to listen to while we got our hair and makeup done, helped Ashley get dressed, and got lots of pictures taken. 

We had a great time laughing and spying on guests as they arrived from our air conditioned room that overlooked the whole venue.

The wedding was beautiful and all the bridesmaids were bawling during the vows. I don’t know how Ashley kept it together.

We took a million more pictures after the ceremony so we were famished by the time the reception started. The speeches were great, the food was amazing, and we danced until late into the night. 

By the time I got home, my feet were killing me and I was exhausted. So much for resting while I’m off the trail!


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