Day 86: Back to Burney

July 9, 2017: Hiked zero miles

After a long wedding day and a late night, I was so excited to sleep in on Sunday. So of course I was wide awake by 6:30.

We layed around the house for awhile and talked about the wedding and getting back on the trail tomorrow and Colton was sweet enough to make breakfast for us. 

We did laundry and packed up all our stuff and said goodbye to my house once more. 

We drove up to Burney to hang out with Colton’s parents and sister for a bit because it was his mom’s birthday. His mom is going to be hiking a section of the trail with us in a few weeks so we helped her go through all her gear, show her how to set up everything, and give her advice on what to bring and what to leave at home. I don’t think she was too excited to hear that we only bring two pairs of underwear with us or that we have to carry our toilet paper out with us.

We were really excited to set her tent up in the living room for the first time. New gear is so cool! Even when it’s not yours. We can’t wait until she comes to hike with us!

They had tickets for a play in Ashland that night so they took off in the afternoon and we took full advantage of having the house to ourselves and snacked to our heart’s delight and finally had a relaxing afternoon, doing nothing but sitting on the couch and watching tv and YouTube videos. I think it was the least we have done in our six days off, so hopefully our feet will be well rested tomorrow. 

Colton’s little sister, Francie, raises sheep for 4-H so we fed them for her while they were up in Ashland. 

I’m pretty sure all those things do is eat and make noise. 

My mom lives right down the street from Colton’s parents so we walked down to her house for dinner. 

And had to enjoy one last beer before we got back on the trail.

We scarfed down watermelon, corn on the cob, some great fajitas, and peach pie for dessert. My youngest brother was in town for the day so it was awesome to catch up with him since we haven’t seen him since before we started the trail. We got to tell him all about the trail and he got to enthrall us with all his latest adventures. He’s a professional cliff jumper so his stories and videos are always exciting to hear about.

We didn’t leave until late and went back to Colton’s house to make sure everything was ready to hit the trail, download some e-books for Colton, and stuffed our faces with a few last Oreos. You can never have too many Oreos. 

Now it’s off to bed and back on the trail tomorrow morning. And I couldn’t be more excited!


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