Day 92: Easy Days

July 15, 2017: Hiked Miles 1295.1 to 1315.5 (20.4 total)

Usually I wake up a few minutes before Colton’s alarm goes off and watch as it takes him a whole minute to hear the music, wake up, and try to figure out where his phone is. It’s pretty entertaining. But today I woke up around 5:30 as another hiker passed right by our tent since we were camped pretty much on the trail. I felt wide awake so I didn’t think I would fall back asleep, but before I knew it I woke up to Colton cuddling with me telling me it was 6:30 and time to wake up. Best way to wake up. But I couldn’t believe I had slept through the alarm and a couple snooze cycles. Until be told me he had never actually set the alarm. Such a nice feeling to know you don’t have to set an alarm every morning. 

We ate and packed up and started hiking the rest of the way up the mountain. We passed by some really pretty fields. 

I love the fact that we can still see the moon for most of the morning every day.

It’s up there somewhere. 

We reached the peak of the mountain and could see Lassen Peak in the distance. 

It looked a little closer than yesterday. 

We thought we were out of the snow, but not quite. It was actually kind of fun to walk across it when it’s a novelty and not an every mile occurrence.

But the snow didn’t last long. 

Luckily the beautiful scenery did. 

And I guess we’re still on the way to Canada. 

Thank goodness. 

The hiking wasn’t too hard and we moved pretty quickly through the forest and back out onto peaks. 

At one point we were taking a snack break and Cal Fire helicopter 202 flew over us a couple times, which was kind of ironic since I used to work on a fire engine at the same station the copter is based out of. Hopefully that doesn’t mean there are any fires close by!

And in case you got lost…

We got an even better view of Lassen a little later on in the day. 

We walked so fast that we got to our lunch spot and water resupply by 1:30 and only had less than five miles to go after that. So we took a long lunch, but were both feeling a little out of it when we started hiking after lunch. I think we took too long of a break. Can’t do that anymore.

It was warm after lunch, but there was a little breeze and we had good ridgetop views. 

We made it to our camping spot in no time, but then had to walk a half mile down to the creek to get water… and attacked by mosquitos. We passed by some snow clothes that were laid out nicely on the side of the trail down to the water which seemed a little weird since noone was around. I’m guessing someone accidentally dropped them or left them and someone else found them and set them out hoping whoever had lost them would come back for them. But still a little weird. 
We ended up camping next to a couple older guys which Colton loved as he finally had someone to talk about sports with. And I stuffed my face with all my extra food since we’re going into Chester tomorrow to resupply.

We passed a lot of southbounders on the trail today and are seeing a lot of people who we haven’t seen since before the Sierras since they skipped ahead and now are heading back. It’s neat to see people we know, but also weird since I feel like we’re hiking a completely different trail than them now and almost everyone we do see is going the opposite direction so we might not see them again ever. It’s just a weird year to hike the trail. 

Tomorrow we hike 13 miles into Chester where we’re picking up a resupply box on Monday since the post office is closed tomorrow. So hopefully we’ll be able to find a ride to the lake so we can relax for the afternoon. 


3 thoughts on “Day 92: Easy Days

  1. It really is a weird year. I think you might regroup in Oregon or at least by Washington. Hiking in home turf feels so wonderful. I hiked the Chester to Burney section the last week of June.

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