Day 97: Burney

July 20, 2017: Hiked Miles 1388.2 to 1416.5 (28.3 total)

We woke up to the most gorgeous sunrise this morning. The entire horizon for as far as I could see was pink and purple. I was going to take a picture for you guys, but then I fell back asleep. Guess you’ll have to go see it for yourself!

We had some great strawberries and bananas to snack on with breakfast that our amazing trail angels had left us from the night before. The sun was shining on our faces and it was the perfect way to start the morning. 

Our hiking started off along the rim again and we had some good views as we got closer to the valley floor. 

I have been seeing this plant/flower along the trail for awhile now:

I’m not sure what it is, but the bright white color of the plant and the vibrant red of the flower stand out so beautifully against the landscape that they almost look fake.

We passed by some nice cow ponds that I’m thankful we didn’t have to get water out of.

The windmills to the south of Burney became a little more visible:

You have to look closely, but they’re out there somewhere.

And of course we had some more views of Mt. Shasta:

The landscape turned dry as we started to make our way down to the valley:

And the multitude of lava rocks started to emerge. 

That definitely made me feel like I was getting closer to home.

The hiking was easy, the weather wasn’t too warm yet, I listened to a few podcasts, and we cranked out the miles in no time.

We crossed over the Cassel Fall River road and finally got to walk along the painted footsteps that cross the road.

Somebody’s got some big feet.

Our landscape was more lava rock and more dry grass.

Super exciting, I know.

We passed by the Baum Lake Powerhouse.

And crossed over the bridge that some locals were fishing at.

We walked a little ways farther and found a perfect place for lunch right on the water.

We dunked our feet in the freezing cold water to cool off and enjoyed a relaxing lunch with the breeze blowing on us and even got to see a bald eagle fly overhead us a couple times.

And then we continued on the trail.

Look familiar? The trail view didn’t change too much the rest of the day.

We crossed Highway 299, a highway I have drove thousands of times. 

Surprisingly, the highway was empty when we crossed. 

And then all the sudden we came upon the Wildbird Cache. I had heard about the cache but never knew where it was so it totally surprised me to come across it.

There was lots of cold water and lemonade, licorice, and snacks. 

They had a guestbook to sign and pens to sign their table with your trailname.

We stopped for a second to grab some water and snacks and kept going. We flew through the end of the day and made it down to Highway 89. 

It’s crazy to see the mileage in our favor of getting to Canada finally.

We crossed over the highway and into Burney Falls State Park. We crossed over Burney Creek.

I swear there’s water here in the winter.

And then we made it to our ending point for the day with another encouraging sign:

My dad was convienently running out at Burney Falls so he gave us a ride back to Burney.

He dropped us off at Colton’s parents house where they insisted that we spray our feet off before we walked in the house. I took the longest shower ever, the layers of dirt just melted off. I guess eleven days without a shower is a little much.

We were so excited to hear that they had bought steaks for us for dinner.

I can’t remember the last time I had a steak. It was heavenly.

And lots of cooked veggies. It was the perfect dinner. Now if only we could figure out how to cook all that stuff on the trail.

We finished the night off with grasshopper pie, the best dessert in the world. If you haven’t had it, just make it. You won’t regret it. 

We didn’t crash out until almost midnight, so far past our bedtime. Hopefully we can sleep in tomorrow morning. With this comfy bed, I don’t think it will be a problem.


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