Day 99: Family Fun

July 22, 2017: Hiked Miles 1416.5 to 1437.9 (21.4 total)

I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I think I layed in bed for an hour and a half before I fell asleep around 12:30. When you go from hiking 20 miles a day to zero, your body doesn’t respond too well apparently. 

But I woke up this morning the best way possible. To the smell of bacon. I know I said previously the best way to wake up is to cuddling with your boyfriend, but it’s bacon… BACON. Enough said. 

Jeanine made us a great breakfast of blueberry pancakes, coffee, and bacon. Percect hiking fuel. We packed up and drove back out to Burney Falls State Park, where we got off the trail a couple days ago. Me met us with Eddie, the local photographer who snapped some pictures before we took off. He had the same kind of shoes as us, Altra Lone Peak 3.0s, so I knew right away we was a cool guy. 

After talking with him for a bit we set off hiking. Jeanine and Jim decided to join us for the morning which was so fun to get to show them what we do every day and enjoy a good family workout and conversation together. 

We hiked down to the dam over Lake Britton and the water was pumping out like crazy. 

Much more than I have ever seen before. 

Unfortunately the lake is not the best to swim in as of the last few years. 

Unless you like swimming in algae.

We crossed over the dam and had a good view from up above. 

We had a good climb after that and made our way up to a ridge that overlooked the Pit River, a river we have all been in multiple times. 

It’s so neat to get a different vantage point of places I have been before. 

And then we hiked down to Rock Creek, a gorgeous waterfall that I never knew about despite all my time living nearby. 

We climbed down to the falls, cooled off, and had fun jumping into the pool it spills into.

After cooling off, we hiked back up to the trail and said goodbye to Jim and Jeanne. It was so fun hiking with then. Jeanine is joining us next week on the trail, and hopefully someday we can do a backpacking trip with the whole family. We continued our hike which led us up out of the canyon for a long uphill climb. We got a good view of the windmills in the distance. 

And then plunged into the dark forest. 

So pretty and green, I love it. I think it’s so cool how we can go from a dry landscape to a forested one in just miles. The day was hot, and the climbing was continuously uphill, so we were more than ready for a late lunch when we finally stopped around 3:30. We relaxed for a while and then finished our day off with a nice evening hike. We were stuck in the forest for awhile when suddenly we popped out at some powerlines and had a cool, smokey view.

I found some more pretty flowers. Not sure what these are either. 

And then all the sudden, we rounded a turn and had a view of Mt. Shasta. 

It suddenly seems so much closer. 

We hiked until almost 8:00 where we ended up at Kosk Spring and got some nice cold water. We found a place to camp and set up as the sun started sinking towards the horizon.

Jeanine and Jim had given us a couple trail beers, so we figured out a way to cool them off while we filtered water and set up camp.

And then I tried to get creative with some pictures. 

But of course Colton can never be serious. 

By the time we finished dinner it was dark so we crawled in our tent where Colton almost instantly fell asleep. Now it’s 10:40 and I’m just finishing blogging and trying to convince myself that I still have energy to get up and brush my teeth. Oh wait, Colton just rolled over and mumbled, “I wonder where we’re supposed to go tomorrow.” I said, “What?” And he said, “I wonder if there’s a sign for where we’re supposed to go tomorrow.” He says the weirdest stuff when he talks in his sleep, but he has this stupid grin on his face right now so I can’t tell if he’s messing with me or just having a good dream. Probably dreaming. About food. About where he’s gonna find Oreos on the trail tomorrow. Since he left the two packages he bought yesterday at home. This guy…


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