Day 104: More Mt. Shasta

July 27, 2017: Hiked Miles 1512.13 to 1526.7 (14.4 total)

Luckily the thunderstorm stayed away and we had a nice, warm night. Colton was not ready to wake up this morning, he could have slept for hours. Jeanine woke up all night due to all the animal noises. We convinced her they’re probably just deer and squirrels and not anything too scary, so hopefully she will sleep better tonight. I stayed up way too late reading last night, but woke up feeling great and ready to hike. And hungry. Always hungry. 

Pre-breakfast, before the calm, and a mass of food spread out everywhere:

Colton and Jeanine tried out a new Mountain House breakfast, the biscuits and gravy, that Leslie sent us. Thanks Leslie! They said they were very filling. 

While we were eating breakfast we noticed a hiker a little below our campsite, bushwacking through the trees. I figured he must be looking for a spot to go to the bathroom and hadn’t noticed us, so I said hi before he pulled his pants down and embarrassed himself.

He stopped to talk to us for a bit and thanked us from the embarrassment before he set off on his way to find a better bathroom stop where he didn’t have to moon anyone.

We found a lucky horseshoe at our campsite:

Colton wanted to take it as a souvenir until I reminded him how heavy his pack already is.

We started hiking a little after 8:00 and it was a perfect, cool morning for hiking. We made our way around the valley and had a good view looking back at the rocks we had slept below:

And a great view of Mt. Shasta behind us:

Who knows what Colton is talking about:

Actually, the whole morning we had the most incredible views of the mountain. 

It’s so fun hiking as a trio now. I feel like it adds a whole new dynamic to our hike and I am soo glad she decided to come hike with us. 

We started seeing lots of gorgeous mountain lakes from up above. 

I can’t wait to come back and visit all of them someday.

We were amused by this creative addition to a sign:

Do you get it? Pretty clever. 

We stopped for lunch on a shady ridge that overlooked a nice valley and had a great breeze blowing on us. We relaxed and ate and watched a bunch of air tankers, copters, and air attack planes flying to the west of us. We assumed there must be a fire somewhere, but couldn’t see any smoke anywhere, so we didn’t get too worried.

After lunch we hiked along more lakes and ridges and mad more great views. And saw a C-130 fly right over us, so low I thought we might be getting a free ride. But he just cruised us and kept going. 

We crossed a road to the Gumboot Trailhead and found some more big footprints. 

We hiked until we found the most beautiful camping spot. 

It was a little windy, but we decided the awesome sunset and sunrise would be worth it. Jeanine washed some of her clothes so she doesn’t have to smell like us stinky hiker trash and Colton helped her jimmy-rig a closeline.

We ate dinner with the most incredible view of Mt. Shasta. After dinner we were cleaning up and I dropped my phone onto a rock and it landed right on the screen. I have a tempered glass screen protector on it which has taken abuse from many falls, but sadly this one didn’t fare so well. I tried to turn it on but the screen just kept flashing and then going dark. Dang. At least I have insurance on the phone… I think. 

We found an awesome place to watch the sunset and sat back and enjoyed a glorious show. 

I swear it looked like the mountains were on fire right after the sun set. 

After sunset we hopped in bed. Luckily I had wrote most of my blog before dinner and am finishing this blog the next day on Colton’s phone. Colton read but since I couldn’t exactly read on my broken screen I went to bed early and passed out in no time. And actually slept amazing and don’t remember waking up once. I have heard that looking at phone screens before bed can cause restless sleep and I usually blog right before bed, but didn’t tonight, so maybe there’s some truth in that after all. But don’t worry, I won’t stop blogging. I’ll just have to get a new phone I suppose.


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