Day 103: And Then There Were Three

July 26, 2017: Hiked Miles 1498.7 to 1512.13 (13.6 total)

We slept in until 7:00 this morning. It was amazing. Sue made us bacon, eggs, and hash browns and we sat out on the back porch and basked in the bright morning sun. 

Jim and Jeanine came and picked us up and we said goodbye to our awesome trail angels and thanked them for all their great hospitality. 

We stuffed our bags full with seven days worth of food. We haven’t had a seven day stretch for awhile so our packs were a little heavier than normal.

Jim dropped us off back at the trailhead on I-5 and the three of us took off hiking. 

We started off hiking a pretty steep hill for about a mile and then the ground leveled out. We passed by a couple ziplock bags with random items and a sweet note telling hikers to take whatever they need. 

We passed by multiple creeks as we wound our way among the base of Castle Crags.

The views were gorgeous. 

We passed quite a few hikers today, both PCT, section, and weekend hikers. We took a long lunch break and relaxed while we got out of the sun during the hot part of the day. It was definitely a warm day and we were sweating like crazy all day. And we even saw another rattlesnake at lunch. Those things are everywhere right now.

It’s so fun having Jeanine with us. I love sharing our experience with someone else, especially someone close to us and I am so excited for her to get to see all this beautiful country that we get to see every day. It’s so fun to have another person to join in our conversations too. After over three months spending all day, every day together, Colton and I sometimes run out of things to talk about, so it’s awesome to have her here so we can retell all our stories and I can hear new ones about their family. I think this is going to be a great bonding experience for all of us. I hope she doesn’t hate us by the end of the week!

After lunch we had a long hill to climb. Luckily the sun had snuck around the back side of the mountain so we had a little more shade but it was still pretty warm out. 

We had heard there was supposed to be thunderstorms today in the afternoon, but they had never materialized. The clouds did move in a bit, but didn’t look too ominous. But they did make the sky look pretty. 

We mostly crept around the exposed part of the mountain as we wound our way up the hill, but did end up in a cool forested area towards the end of the day. 

We didn’t want to carry water up the long hill in the afternoon so Colton and Jeanine set up camp while I ran ahead to the next stream and filled up on water for everyone. On the way back, the sky was breathtaking. 

They had camp all set up when I got back so we ate dinner and listened as the thunder seemed to get closer and closer. But by the time dinner was over, it had stopped. We stretched and crawled in our tents since it was already dark.
Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter so we’re going to try to get up early for the rest of the week as it’s just going to continue heating up. Luckily we have lots of lakes in the near future so I think we’re going to be testing out the water in a few of them. 


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