Day 105: Deadfall Lakes

July 28, 2017: Hiked Miles 1526.7 to 1543.4 (16.7 total)

Colton set his alarm for 5:30 this morning and we woke up and looked outside to a gorgeous sky.

The horizon was just turning pink and orange and starting to light up the sky. We had the most peaceful, beautiful morning watching the sun rise right behind Mt. Shasta and seeing the sky turn the most beautiful colors. 

We couldn’t have picked a better camping spot to see the sunrise and it makes me want to wake up early every day to see it. Unfortunately half the time we end up camping in deep, forested canyons to be close to water, but we might have to start planning some mountain top camping spots into our routine just to wake up to such gorgeous sights. 

We ate breakfast and basked in our bright sun and packed up and started hiking. Not long into our hike we crossed paths with Bubba, a local hiker who has a website and book that provides information on trails in Northern California. I’ve used his website to get information on trails multiple times so it was awesome to get to meet the author. He gave us great information on his favorite trails and was a pleasure to meet. His website is called and his book is called Hiking Northern California.

We kept hiking and got some awesome views of Mt. Shasta and passed through tons of gorgeous flower fields.

We found a stream with the coldest water to cool us down and quench our thirst. 

At one point in the morning we came upon a Boy Scout troop and stopped to chat with them. We told them all about the PCT and they told us all about their backpacking trip and the merit badges they were working on. It was even more special since Colton is an Eagle Scout, so of course we insisted they get a picture together.

While we were talking to the scouts, a band of horses came down the trail too. 

The riders told us they were on a three week trip. We’ve been hiking for over three months, but three weeks in one stretch…that’s intense. I guess it helps when you have horses to carry some of your food. I would love to do a trail on a horse someday. 

We hiked down to Deadfall Lake and took a little snack break. 

The water was gorgeous and we had a perfect view of Mt. Eddy, which I had a blast hiking last summer.

It is a gorgeous view from the top and totally doable as a day trip, so if you ever find yourself around Mt. Shasta, I would definitely try and hike it.

The lake was so peaceful and we met Scottie there, a French hiker who had actually started the same day as us, but had somehow never met. We had fun talking to him for awhile and enjoying our awesome view.

Since I broke my phone last night, I made Colton take pictures all day. He did a pretty good job, don’t you think?

We finally pulled ourselves away from the lake and hiked a few more miles up to a trailhead area where we stopped to have lunch. Scottie was here also so we had a great time talking with him and asking him a million questions about France, the differences between his country and America, and trying to decipher his awesome French accent. I’m always amazed how much foreigners know about America, when we seem to be so ignorant about every other country. He also made me really hungry when he wouldn’t stop talking about crepes.

After lunch we hiked on into the hot afternoon and ended up doing a huge loop hiking around the valley and back towards the way we came. I’m pretty sure we almost did a complete circle. I will never understand this trail.

We had a great afternoon talking about all sorts of things from life to work to society and education. It was so fun to get Jeanine’s perspective on all the stuff Colton and I have talked about a million times and was also great family bonding. 
We set up camp at the most peaceful stream and relaxed in a quiet, green meadow. 

We ate dinner and talked about childhood memories and got in the tent early. Like 8:00 early. Crazy Friday night. 
Right as we were getting in the tent I started to smell smoke. I noticed the sky looking pretty hazy to both the east and west, but didn’t see any smoke columns so I’m guessing we’re just seeing residual smoke from other fires that got blown into the valley we’re camping in. So hopefully we don’t have to outrun any fires tonight.
I wanted to keep up on my blogs so that I don’t forget everything or get way behind so Colton was nice enough to let me use his phone. So I’m writing my blog in his Notes app and hoping I will be able to send it to myself and transfer it to my blog when I get a new phone. Hopefully!


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