Day 110: Yreka and Fort Jones

August 2, 2017: Hiked Miles 1597.2 to 1611.2 (14.0 total)

After getting to bed late last night I figured I would sleep in this morning, but of course I was wide awake around 3:45. Luckily I was able to fall back asleep and then woke up around 5:30 to a beautiful sunrise. We all dozed on and off for about an hour and finally got up and got moving. Luckily it had cooled off overnight and the morning air felt perfect. We weren’t able to do laundry yesterday because the laundromat was closed for painting, but luckily it reopened this morning so we washed our clothes first thing. We dried out our tents which had got a little wet from camping on the lawn and packed up our stuff. 

My mom showed up around 8:00 with some amazing trail magic. 

She brought a full spread of coffee, fruit, homemade cinnamon rolls, and breakfast burritos. 

We all enjoyed a nice leisurely breakfast and filled her in on the adventures from the past week on the trail.

After breakfast we packed her car full and drove 30 miles into the city of Yreka to the Verizon store. Unfortunately the small store didn’t have my phone in stock, but the employee said we might be able to replace the screen in town for a decent price through my phone insurance (yes, I luckily have the insurance). We drove down to the repair store and of course the employees were all out of the office doing marketing. Ugh. We decided to go shopping and hope they came back later.

We ran over to Walmart which was a madhouse being the second of the month, and picked up a few more groceries and some more fuel for me. My mom couldn’t believe our food choices. I don’t know why, who doesn’t want to live off Oreos, instant potatoes, tortillas, dried fruit, cheese, and m&m’s.

We finally got out of Walmart and decided we needed a pick-me-up after spending so much time in line there so we ran over to Starbucks. After not having a Starbucks in a month, it was the best treat. We finally made it back to the phone repair shop which was finally open, only to find out the screen replacement would cost more than just getting a new phone through my insurance. So it turns out the whole trip to Yreka was not so necessary. Oh well. At least we got some good people-watching in at Walmart. 

I called my phone insurance and just had them ship a new phone to Seiad Valley, which we will pass through on Friday. We drove back to Etna and stopped to get lunch at a cute little cafe called Three Little Birds in the little town of Fort Jones on the way. It was a quirky cafe with some awesome sandwiches and salads. 

Definitely go there if for some weird reason you ever find yourself in Fort Jones. 

We eventually made our way back to Etna and then back to the trailhead. When my mom dropped us off, there was another hiker hitching into Etna so she offered him a ride. When we told him our names we were amazed to find out he knew about my blog. It’s awesome to meet people in person who I have connected with through my blog. Hi Beekeeper, nice to meet you! Another hiker came off the trail so she offered him a ride too and passed out the rest of the breakfast we hadn’t ate to the hungry hikers. They were very appreciative. 

We finally said goodbye to our moms and took off on the trail. I’m so thankful for both of them and all that they do for us. It was such a blessing having Jeanine hike with us all week and to have my mom go out of her way to come get her, bring us food, and shuttle us around. We have the best moms and I hope they both get to come hike with us again someday.

It was already after 3:00 when we finally started hiking and we were full of carbs and caffeine so we kicked it into go-mode. 

We passed another mile marker:

We sped up and over hills in no time and were right back in the smokey Marble Mointains. We hiked west toward the fire that’s causing all the smoke and finally got close enough to see some huge smoke plumes through the haze. We skirted ridgetops all afternoon and had a fun time hiking, talking about the past week, and singing with all our energy from having the morning off.

We busted out 14 miles in a little over four hours and found ourselves camping at another awesome mountain lake.

We met Silverfox, who was already set up there, and talked to him for a bit while we ate the last of my mom’s breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls we packed out with us. A little bit better than Top Ramen, just a little.

We finally crawled in bed after dark and Colton is out cold and now it’s way past my bedtime and we’re hoping to wake up early since we might have a good sunrise view so goodnight!


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