Day 113: Welcome to Oregon

August 5, 2017: Hiked Miles 1665.8 to 1691.1 (25.3 total)

I slept like a rock last night. If you get insomnia, go hike your butt off all day up hills in the heat. I guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby. I was going to try and sleep in a bit, but when I woke up at 5:45 and peeked out of my tent, the sky was just too pretty to go back to sleep. Waking up dirty and stinky every day and living off top ramen and peanut butter suddenly doesn’t seem too bad when you get to wake up to a view like this:

We started hiking under a cloudy sky which made the morning nice and cool for awhile. We ate breakfast and watched the sunrise over the valley. We shared one of the Mountain House breakfast skillets that Jeff sent us and make breakfast burritos out of it. And we shared the last of the squished cinnamon rolls my mom made us topped with some blackberries leftover from yesterday. I guess we’re not suffering too bad out here.

The morning’s hike consisted of lots of hills. Up, down, up, down. California just really wants to make it hard to leave apparently. 

The clouds and smoke combined around the mountains to make an amazing sight. For miles we had the most incredible views and I felt like we were in some futuristic movie walking along islands in the clouds. 

We stopped for a snack break and noticed something funny about the expiration date on our cliff bars.

We passed through the greenest meadows and the prettiest flowers. 

After all the climbing the past couple days, my body is begging for food all the time. By the time we stopped for lunch I was ready to start chewing on bark. It looks like jerky, so I’m sure it tastes about the same. We stopped at the junction to a spring and climbed a super steep hill down to the spring to get water. Why do we always have to climb down to the spring to get water, instead of up so that we can come down when our packs are full of water. Just once I want to actually climb up to a spring. 

I made another amazing sweet lunch tortilla.

I’m gonna start selling these when I finish hiking. They’re that good. Somehow I managed to snap a picture before I devoured it and then ate almost all the rest of my peanut butter, trail mix, and jerky. Good thing we’re getting to town tomorrow night, otherwise I really might have to start eating bark. 

While we were eating, a dozen or so quads and rhinos drove past us. They looked like they were out hunting, although with all the noise they made I’m sure they scared off any animal within 20 miles.

I stuffed my face until I was finally full for the first time in two days. Colton slept. I blogged. And inspected my tan/dirt lines. 

We finally pulled ourselves up after a couple hours and continued our climb. The afternoon got warm, but we were rewarded with some neat views.

We passed the time hiking talking about all our elementary school memories and our experiences in college and thoughts on education. It was a really enjoyable afternoon. I love when we can learn new things about each other after all this time we have spent hiking together.

We stumbled upon a nice toilet with a view. 

Sadly neither of us needed to use it at the time. And surpringly it didn’t smell bad at all.

We passed through a really pretty meadow. 

And then came upon an old cabin that someone is trying to restore for hikers to stay in. 

Colton felt just a bit too much at home. 

But I suppose the rent would be cheap if we don’t have anywhere to live after the trail. 

We hiked on a little further past the cabin and then the most exciting sign appeared. The Oregon border! 

Finally. We whopped and cheered and hugged and kissed and yelled. 

As much as I love California, I am so ready to be out of it. After hiking in it for this long, anyone would be. We signed the guestbook. I left a nice message. 

And then we did what we do, and kept hiking.

I felt a new sense of energy knowing that I’m in Oregon. Unfortunately my feet didn’t get the memo. They still hurt.

We filled up with icy cold water at a stream a couple miles further. I think Oregon water even tastes better. Or I’m just really thirsty. We hiked a little farther and found a sweet tentsite on a hill with a great view of the valley and the mountains.

I stretched a ton while Colton yelled at his phone a lot, attempting to make calls with one bar of service. 

We ate dinner and watched the sun go down. 

I convinced Colton to try my peanut butter, Oreo, blackberry burrito and he agreed it’s amazing. See, I’m not the only one. Have you made one yet? Go do it. 

I tried a new Mountain House meal that Jeff sent. It’s chicken breasts with chive and herb mashed potatoes. The chicken was literally two whole dehydrated chicken breasts. It even looked real. 

So crazy. It turned out pretty good and made a great burrito. I’m yelling ya, everything’s better in a burrito.

It surprisingly got pretty cold so we got in our tent and looked through our pictures from today, trying to decide who’s we’re better. Of course mine were. Kidding, his are awesome. We snacked on some candy and watched the moon illuminate the night sky and an owl circle our tent. I can’t wait to fall asleep and hopefully get a decent amount of rest tonight as the past few nights I haven’t got nearly enough sleep. And then tomorrow we will hit I-5 and hopefully spend the night in a bed!


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