Day 115: A Zero in Medford

August 7, 2017: Hiked zero miles… walked way too much…

I was sooo determined to sleep in today. It was definitely happening. Well, it didn’t. 5:50, wide awake. Oh well. I forced myself to lay in bed for three hours getting as much work done as I could on updating my blogs. Sometimes blogging is harder than hiking. Ok, not usually. Only when you’re trying to catch up on two weeks worth of blogs.

I finally escaped from my bed when my body couldn’t hold off on food any longer. Even with all that junk we ate last night, I was still starving. I figured Colton would be sleeping still since he never came in to see if I was awake but he said he had been up since early as well, assuming I was still sleeping.

Kim graciously left us to her house and food as she had to work all day, so we made some breakfast and enjoyed eating in chairs and not on the ground, and off actual plates.

We did laundry and then ran down to the bus stop to catch a bus downtown to run some errands. Colton’s new to the whole bus thing so I got to teach him about transfers and different routes and all that. I think he’s starting to like this new form of transportation. 

First stop was REI so Colton could exchange his sandals that are breaking on him. Then we ran over to the Verizon store. They were fairly busy and only had one employee working when we showed up so Colton had fun waiting by checking out the virtual reality glasses. 

Eventually another employee showed up and he helped me to transfer everything from my old phone to my new one since my old phone is basically unable to do anything with the cracked screen. It took awhile to transfer everything so we really got to know him while we waited. We talked about the trail, his son, snakes, football, life, everything. He even hooked me up with a new screen protector free of charge. Super nice guy.

After Verizon, Colton was starving so we grabbed some In-n-Out… along with everyone else in Medford. 

After lunch we walked down to the grocery store. We only walked a mile there, but it felt like 100. I love how we can easily walk 20 miles on the trail, but 1 mile in town seems like a marathon.

We stocked up on groceries and while we were waiting for our bus, we ran into Silverfox!

He was staying at the hotel across the street and saw us while he was picking up some snacks. He told us he is flying home tomorrow. He’s decided to finish the trail next year due to all the fire closures that are in effect. We are sad knowing that we won’t see him anymore on the trail. Who knows, maybe he’ll change his mind and come back out.

We took the bus back to Kim’s, sorted through all our resupply, and spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool, sipping one of our favorite Oregon beers. 

Yes, it is a good life. 

I worked on my blog some more, Colton pretended he was a fish, and we chatted and laughed with Kim for awhile when she got home from work. 

Eventually our stomachs got the best of us again and Kim let us borrow her car to go grab some food.

On the drive we got to watch the most beautiful sunset.

Colton stuffed his face with his favorite, Panda Express, of course. 

And I was stoked to get some Chipotle. 

I spent the next half hour translating the Chipotle bag that was written in Pig Latin. 

It was a lot harder to read than I remembered. Although that’s probably because I haven’t used it in 20 years. 

In the mean time the sun sank into the sky.

And we sat around outside enjoying the warm air and lack of mosquitoes until it was time for bed. Back to the trail tomorrow!


One thought on “Day 115: A Zero in Medford

  1. I’ve been following your adventure from day one & I just have to say that you guys are just awesome! It has been an absolute joy reading along & waiting for the next update! I grew up in Northern California & currently live in Oregon. I hope one day to do the PCT but the reality is that it will be in sections. I hope to start with Oregon, my own “backyard” 🙂 You’re adventurous spirit & great attitude are truly inspiring!! Thank you four sharing such an amazing experience!

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