Day 117: The Long Days of Oregon

August 9, 2017: Hiked Miles 1738.6 to 1761.0 (22.4 total)

I woke up this morning around 6:00 and before I could even open my eyes, I knew something didn’t seem right. I rolled over and felt so nauseous. I tried to fall back asleep, but was in so much pain no matter how I layed. I finally got out to go to the bathroom and felt so weak walking around. I got back in the tent and told Colton there was no way I could hike right now, I needed to sleep a little longer. We both fell back asleep and I slept a little in between waking up in pain to moan a little and finally pulled myself out of the tent when I woke up and realized it was 8:45. I tried to make myself puke with no success, but forced myself to pack up camp and eat a couple poptarts and start walking. 

I was able to slowly hike although every hill seemed like I was walking up a skyscraper. I had no energy, had a headache, and felt weak and achey. But we had a lot of miles to walk and after getting a late start, didn’t have much choice but to keep going. I put my headphones in and turned on an audiobook to hopefully distract myself.

The morning was humid from all the storm activity lately, but we hiked in the trees most of the day so luckily it didn’t get too hot. I normally enjoy heat, but when you’re feeling crappy, having to walk up hills with a heavy pack on a hot day for hours on end is anything but fun. 

But I still managed to enjoy the day and concentrate on all the good things and saw some cool stuff.

This was a really neat spillway for a lake outlet:

We passed by an actual campground.

It’s always surprising to be hiking alone in the woods and then realize that you’re not as far away from civilization as you think.

The deer around here aren’t scared of people at all. This buck walked right past me without a care in the world. 

Most of our trail looked something like this today:

Pretty, but also monotonous. You can only walk by so many trees before they all look the exact same. There is this cool moss that we’ve started to see more and more of growing on the trees:

Kinda makes you feel like you’re in an enchanted forest.

We have been passing by a lot of private property lately. 

I guess not everyone likes PCTers. 

We passed into the Rogue River National Forest at some point.  

And we saw some interesting trail art.

Since we didn’t start hiking until 10:00 this morning, we didn’t take lunch until 3:00. So I was way past hungry by that point. You know the kind of hungry where your stomach grumbles for so long and then eventually realizes it’s not getting food so it stops being hungry? And then once you do start eating you can’t eat fast enough? Yea, that kind. Luckily my stomach pain had eased up from this morning, but I was still feeling pretty weak and tired when we started hiking again after lunch so the rest of the afternoon seemed to drag on. Thank goodness for audiobooks on days like this. We didn’t end up doing as much mileage as we planned getting a late start, but it worked out fine when we found a place to camp right next to a water cache. Free water we don’t have to filter!

Not that we filter very often anyways anymore. 

We set up camp next to Collin, another hiker, from Wisconsin. We had a good dinner getting to know him and telling him what the ocean’s like since he’s never seen it. Which is ironic since he’s hoping to get a job crab fishing in Alaska after the hike. We had a good laugh thinking about how he would explain his experience in an interview. 

And then I made a dumb comment about how it looked like the thunder had stopped and we avoided the rain. Which of course meant we heard a nice rumble two seconds later.  You just can’t say stuff like that out here. We threw our rainfly on and now are laying in our tent listening to the thunder and watching the lightning illuminate our tent every few seconds. Whoops. 


3 thoughts on “Day 117: The Long Days of Oregon

  1. Jenn, Your blog gets the blue ribbon this season. I read most of them – yours is the best. You guys are amazing. When you get close to Snoqualmie, let me know and the wife and I will take you to dinner. The reason I’m replying today is to urge you to filter all your water. Keep going and good luck!

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