Day 118: Fun with Grandma

August 10, 2017: Hiked Miles 1761.0 to 1770.9 (9.9 total)

We woke up bright and early this morning at 5:30 to a nice cool morning. We tried to be quiet packing up to not wake up Collin, who was camped right next to us, but putting a tent away is never very quiet. We woke him up anyways, which he thanked us for, saving him from being lazy.

We shoved a couple poptarts in our mouths and started hiking. The morning was grey and cool and it felt nice to be out and about early. We moved out of the forest and into endless rock fields. 

I don’t know how so many rocks could end up in the middle of this dense forest. 

We saw an interesting log:

Squirrel torture chamber?

And even ran across a bunch of slushy snow patches. 

I have no idea how this snow could still be here with how humid it’s been lately unless it was from all the storms last night. 

We hiked quickly through the morning and before we knew it we were right in front of Mt. McLoughlin. 

I really wish we had time to climb it, but we were meeting Colton’s grandma, Kay, at the highway mid-morning so it’ll have to wait for another time. 

We made it to the highway and after a bit of phone tag and miscommunication, eventually she found us. We’re staying with her tonight and then she’s taking us back to the trailhead above Crater Lake tomorrow due to the fire closure. We’re pretty bummed about having to skip the lake, but luckily we live close enough to come back and see it… if they ever get these fires out… so doubtful. 

She picked us stinky hikers up and we took off. She asked if we were hungry. Asking a PCT hiker if they’re hungry is like asking a person if they like breathing. Yes, we were hungry. So we stopped in Grants Pass at Elmers to get second breakfast. Poptarts isn’t real breakfast anyways. It was amazing.

We ate every bite.

And then on the way home Kay asked if we should stop for cinnamon rolls for later. She really speaks hiker language pretty well.

We stopped at this cool old bakery/restaurant off the freeway that Colton and I have drove passed countless times, always saying we’re going to stop, but never have. I was so excited to finally make it here.

And holy cow do these people make some big cinnamon rolls.

Each one was as big as my head. Not kidding at all.

The pecan ones were a little more human size and looked mouth watering.

We had to get one of each. And a couple pieces of cobbler. Cause you can’t say no to cobbler.

We finally stopped drooling over food and made it to her home.

Those things are just tempting us.

We showered, did laundry, and relaxed for a few minutes to catch up on life before heading out to Melrose Vineyards where Kay is a member. She was nice enough to let us tag along for her wine pick-up/tasting/pairing event. 

The place was gorgeous. 

The tasting room/store had the best signs. 

I think I need all of them. Although they might not hold up too well on our tent walls.

And the food and wine weren’t too bad either.

Peaches with blue cheese, a pecan crumble and vinaigrette with a pinot gris:Beef fajitas with a pinot noir:

And a blackberry salted caramel brownie with a merlot:Kay might have let it slip that we were starving PCT hikers and suddenly we ended up with seconds on the food. We weren’t too upset. The merlot and brownie were all of our favorites and we sat outside enjoying the breeze, beautiful scenery, and great company along with the food and wine. 

We talked until it looked like they were closing up shop and took off to go get… more food of course. Second dinner?

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and then really stuffed ourselves.

We had such a fun day with Kay, laughing, telling stories, and really just kicking back and relaxing. Since we still have enough food for our next section, we didn’t even have to run around town shopping. A great half-day off the trail. 

We went home and relaxed for a bit, but we couldn’t go to bed without digging into our cobbler!

I think we’re finally full. For a few minutes at least. 


3 thoughts on “Day 118: Fun with Grandma

  1. Thank you again for taking me on your journey. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Colton’s grandma. Your pictures of food look so taste. It must be nice being able to eat all the delicious food you want and not feel guilty, or worry about gaining weight. I have dreamed about hiking the PCT. But I could never imagine having such a great experience as you and Colton are having. Thank you again for sharing your experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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