Day 120: Fire, Fire Everywhere

August 12, 2017: Hiked Miles 1863.4 to 1890.0 + .8 back to trail (27.4 total)

I slept so hard last night. My body needed it after not sleeping much the night before. When the alarm went off at 6:00 I didn’t want to open my eyes. I think Colton pushed snooze a couple times because before I knew it I opened my eyes and it was almost 6:30. I got out of the tent and shivered. Mornings by the water are always the coldest. And usually the prettiest too.

The mist was sitting just over the lake and birds were chirping and flying all around us looking for scraps for breakfast. 

After breakfast we climbed back up to the trail from the lake. I had my beanie and sweater on for at least 30 minutes. This is the coldest morning we have had in a while. 

The trail looked a little wet like it had got rained on a bit last night. You would think that would have helped out with some of these fires, but from all the helicopters we saw today, I’m guessing not. 

We climbed up to a ridgetop and had a view of C- Lake, as Colton called it. 

I think it’s really called Miller Lake. 

Then we wound back down into the trees. 

The mossy trees are so beautiful throughout this section. 

And the few wildflowers that we are seeing now are beautiful too.

Neat old placard:

We’re in a pretty dry section right now so we were excited to come upon this awesome water cache:

A bunch of hikers were hanging out by the water eating lunch, but we decided to fill up and push on a few more miles to get to the top of the hill. 

And I’m glad we did because when we reached the top we had a view of one of the fires and got to watch a copter fill up from a pond and drop water on it all lunch break.  

And we had a neat view of the surrounding ridgetops too.

And we had cell service. 

Win, win, win. 

We probably watched the copter drop 30 times on this same little fire. Finally it looked like they were starting to get a handle on it. Hopefully, we don’t need anymore fire closures.

It got pretty windy and cool during lunch and I was freezing when we started hiking again. I’m always cold when we’re not hiking. It’s so annoying.

After lunch the trail was all downhill and my feet were starting to feel it. It seemed to be dragging on, so I turned on an audiobook I am listening to called The Help. So far it’s a pretty good book about life in the south in the ’60s. I would definitely recommend it. 

We passed above a big lake at of point, but it’s a little hard to see with all this dang smoke:

And passed by some more mountains in the distance, also smothered in smoke:

And then we crept back through the forest all the way til we stopped to camp. 

We found the prettiest little pond to camp at. 

We’re so lucky to have all the water we do this year. This particular pond is a fairly dry, stagnant one on normal years.

Of course that means we have to deal with all the extra mosquitoes too though.

Oregon had been relatively flat compared to California, but for some reason my legs have been killing me ever since we got here. My guess is that we are using the same muscles all day instead of switching up the muscles being used with the more ups and downs of California. So I stretched for a long time tonight before dinner and attempted to roll out my super tight quad muscles with the heel of my hand. I thought for sure it worked until I tried to get up after dinner and could barely walk.

It’s already chilly since we’re sleeping by water again so we might be in for a cold night. Although I think we both sleep better if it’s a little chilly. But just a little! Not ready for snow yet!


5 thoughts on “Day 120: Fire, Fire Everywhere

    1. Everything we can think of. Lots of hip and quad and calf stretches. We still get sore but stretching helps a ton. I don’t know how we would walk without stretching


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