Day 121: Eugene 

August 13, 2017: Hiked Miles 1890.0 to 1905.6 (15.6 total)

I stayed up late last night reading and waiting to see the meteor shower. I finally gave up when I got out of my tent around 10:30 and realized it was too cloudy and smokey to see a single star in the sky.

When we woke up this morning it was cool and overcast. And already full of mosquitoes. 

As I was eating my poptart breakfast I started wondering why the poptarts company can’t add a little more frosting to the poptart. 

See I’m one of those adult-kids who eats all the boring unfrosted edges first and saves the middle with all the frosting for last. Everyone does that right? I would totally pay another $0.15 to get the rest of my poptarts frosted. I mean, it’s sugar and flour, how expensive can it be? Also, this is my new favorite poptarts flavor, vanilla latte. When I eat it with my instant Folgers coffee, I almost feel lime I’m drinking a Starbucks. 

We started the morning hike off climbing of course, but it felt great in the cool mountain air. We hiked through the trees and then emerged to see a cool view of the mountains in the distance peeking out as the clouds tried to suffocate them.

And then we hiked by the base of Diamond Peak, which still had a decent amount of snow on it.

I’m sure the top would look nice too, if only you could see it.

The morning turned misty as the fog grew thicker. We passed over snow patches, gorgeous mountain creeks, and had beautiful views of the mountains in the distance. 

We passed by countless ponds and lakes. 

We paused at this last one, Odell Lake, to take in the gorvoues sight. We could hear kids yelling below as they sped by on boats on the water. I had almost forgot that it is still summer vacation for most people. I’m always amazed when I am reminded that their is still normal life going on outside our little hiking bubble.

We hiked on until we got to the Willamette Pass trailhesd on Highway 58 where we waited for Dylan, Colton’s brother, who was coming go pick us up and take us back to stay with him for a couple nights in Eugene. Unfortunately, the trailhead wasn’t marked so we watched as Dylan drove right on by and then waited another 20 minutes until he got cell service and we could tell him to turn around. 

Eventually he found us and we headed back to Eugene. When we made it to the house, he insisted Colton shower before doing anything else. And to think, it’s only been three days since we’ve had a shower. We showered and started laundry and then headed over to Dylan’s boss’ house to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I watched the first few episodes of Season 1 years ago and Colton has never seen a single episode, so we were a little confused. But by the end of the show, we were hooked. Colton insisted that we catch up on all the seasons before we get back on the trail. He’s a funny guy. 

Dylan’s boss wife also made us some amazing grilled onion and melted cheese french dips. 

Mmm, real food.

On the way home we saw the most gorgeous sunset.

And then had to stop at McDonald’s for some Oreo Mcflurries and chicken nuggets cause of course we were hungry again. Sometimes you just need some good ol’ Mickey D’s.

Now we’re back at Dylan’s place eating ice cream and watching Colton’s favorite movie, War Dogs. And we even get to sleep in a real bed tonight.


2 thoughts on “Day 121: Eugene 

  1. Hey, I recognize that sunset, you’re in my neighborhood. I’ve been following your blog since California. Thank you for posting, we appreciate being able to follow your adventures

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