Day 122: Zeroing in Eugene

August 14, 2017: Hiked zero miles! Drove tons. 

We slept in today until around 6:30 when the ducks outside started quacking. Suddenly the school mascot seems so appropriate. 

We layed around the house, downloading more books for the upcoming stretch of hiking and then went with Dylan to work so that we could steal his truck for the day. Thanks Dylan!

First stop of the day, Voodoo Doughnuts. It’s a must do when you’re in Eugene. 

Colton stuck with his favorites, the maple bacon bar and the dirt doughnut. I had to get a maple bacon bar too because they’re the best and I tried a new one, the Memphis Mafia. It was a winner as well.

We picked up some coffees, bagels, and cream cheese on the way home too. You can’t just eat sugar for breakfast. We never do that…

We ran home and feasted because we were starving as it was already after 10:00, way past our normal breakfast time. We usually eat within 30 or so minutes of waking up, so not eating right away in the morning is like torture.

Somebody loved his maple bacon bars.

After breakfast we layed around the house for a bit, finished laundry, and went through our supplies to see what we need to shop for. We watched a couple episodes of The Office. I forgot how funny this show is. Colton asked if I wanted to watch the new season of The Bachelorette. That was a big, fat no. The last time I watched that show I swore I would never waste another second of my life watching it again.

We went to the Dollar Store to buy some candy and whatever else we could find there and then ran over to Fred Meyers to buy the rest. After shopping for food we were, of course, hungry. Colton asked if we should go home to put anything in the fridge. But it seemed a little silly to refrigerate stuff for a couple hours that we would then leave out for the next four days. 

I found a cool little food truck called The Sandwich  League that has been on the show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The food truck is right across from Ninkasi Brewery and you can order your food and then walk over to the brewery and sit outside and they’ll bring your food over to you. It was the perfect day to sit outside and we had so much fun sitting surround and people watching and listening to music. 

And eating. Don’t forget eating.

Colton had the pork on pork burger and the Total Domination IPA and I had the sloppy pork fries and the Pacific Rain APA. It was awesome. Their habanero relish was probably the best fry sauce I have ever had. I love finding places like this.

We sat around and relaxed for awhile and then finally took off to run a couple more errands. 

We had fun driving around and rocking out. It’s funny how you can despise something like driving until you never get to do it.

We made it home and sorted through our food and enjoyed just relaxing and having a day off.

And then before we knew it, it was time to pick Dylan up from work. We got him and then ran home again so he could change and then headed back out to go see a movie. But of course we needed more food before that. Mickey D’s for the win. 

But I went healthy for a change. My weekly vegetables right there. Wait, I had coleslaw on my fries at lunch. Set for two weeks!

We rushed over to the movie theater and got there just in time for the previews. Good thing, Colton hates missing the previews. 

And our seats even reclined! I could get used go this kind of theater. Now if only they would bring you a blanket too…

We watched Dunkirk, a movie about World War II. It was pretty good. Although we all agreed it was very unrealistically ungory. 

Now it’s bedtime since we’re getting up early tomorrow so Dylan can drive us back to the trailhead before work. 


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