Day 131: Bridge of the Gods

August 23, 2017: Hiked Miles 2144.1 to 2166.5 (22.4 total)

I didn’t get too bed until almost midnight last night and was startled out of a deep sleep around 5:00 this morning when another hiker’s alarm went off for a solid minute before he woke up and turned it off. I thought I was never going to fall back asleep, listening to him rustling with his sleeping bag for way longer than it takes to shove one into a stuff sack. But before I knew it I was waking up again and it was 6:30. We woke up to a cloudy morning that looked like it might be threatening rain, but the air was still warm, if anything a little humid. 

We packed our bags and said goodbye to some friends and left Shrek’s Place. Definitely a cool spot to relax for hikers. 

And took off in search of food. Colton really wanted to download a couple ebooks and I wanted up get my blog updated so we went to Bridgeside Dining, the only restaurant open in town early in the morning, that also apparently has fast Wi-Fi. Of course their WiFi was down so we caved and used our data to get things done. And also got some breakfast. I wasn’t too hungry so I figured I’d save my money for a time I really needed a big breakfast. Plus a full stomach and hiking up hills don’t mix very well for me. So I went for a small breakfast:

Of course when I saw Colton’s breakfast I was instantly starving and probably could have ate both our breakfasts. 

Hiker hunger is a cruel thing. Full one second, starving the next. 

After breakfast we said goodbye to Oregon and walked across The Bridge of the Gods into Washington. 

The views from the bridge were amazing.

The weather suited the name of the bridge perfectly. 

There’s no sidewalk across the bridge so we had to dodge traffic. 

And watch our footing and be careful not to drop anything.

I don’t think either of our phones would have survived that fall. 

It felt so good to be in Washington finally. 

And to see our progress:

Luckily there were lots of blackberry bushes on the way up the hill so I could full up my tummy. And the views were incredible. 

I love Washington already.

If you look closely you can see the locks in the river:

We were instantly transported into a bright green rainforest. 

I felt like we were on the set for Jurassic Park and wouldn’t have been surprised if a raptor jumped out of the trees. 

We cruised through the trees most of the day and occasionally popped out onto rocky ledges to get a view. 

Here’s Table Mountain and what I believe is Mt. Hood in the background:

We passed a guy with a couple horses coming down the trail who was coming from White Pass, where we will be in about a week. I was a little jealous that his horses could do it in just a few days. Although I’m not sure they were too happy about walking that much. 

After climbing from 80 feet in elevation up to 3400, we stopped for lunch on a ridgetop and had a great view of the Columbia River we had crossed over this morning. I never knew the river was so wide. 

We couldn’t believe how warm Washington was so far, after all the horror stories we have heard about how much it rains up here. We sweated all through lunch and finally had to start walking just to feel a breeze and cool off. Of course an hour later the temperature cooled off a bit and it started sprinkling. But it was just a light rain that we could barely feel in the tree cover so it was actually quite refreshing. 

We passed through the greenest forests the rest of the afternoon. 

I almost felt like I was back in Thailand, with how humid and green everything was. 

We filled up with water towards the end of the day and luckily found a tiny campsite just a little ways up the trail. We were happy because the next flat enough spot to camp was another few miles up a steep hill that we didn’t want to haul water up. 

We squeezed our tent in and prayed it wouldn’t roll down the hill tonight with us in it. We made dinner and even added a little bit of the ghee that Jamie sent us into our mashed potatoes which made them super creamy. And for dessert we enjoyed Oreos and Gobstoppers, also courtesy of Jamie. She knows us too well.

Now we’ve been laying in our tent for less than a half hour after eating and I’m already starving again. I can already tell all these ups and downs in Washington are going to start burning up energy like crazy. I don’t know how we can carry much more food so we’re gonna have to figure out which of these other berries are edible. Or leaves. Or bark. Or bugs. Kidding. Maybe.


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